Noetic Cyber ​​provides an update to the platform to bring data science into cyber asset management

Intelligence and automation of cyber assets are essential to reduce the growing surface of organizational attacks

BOSTON, June 6, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Noetic Cyber, an innovator in cybersecurity attack surface management (CAASM), today announced a new version of its platform for continuous management and control of cyber assets. The latest version of the Noetic platform focuses on providing immediate value to security teams by identifying high-priority security vulnerabilities and exploitable vulnerabilities using innovative data science techniques.

Since its public release in July 2021Noetic works with security leaders in United States and on Great Britain to help them reduce their growing attack surface and improve their cybersecurity position. The challenge these cyber leaders often face is to understand cyber risk in complex environments where assets can exist for a short period of time in public or private cloud platforms, and to have to manage legacy local workloads. To gain the insights they need to be effective, they need confidence in the quality of their data, full visibility in all assets, and contextual intelligence to help prioritize decision-making.

“The ongoing innovation we provide reflects the expanding uses we see in our customer base,” they said. Paul Ayers, CEO and co-founder, Noetic Cyber. “Security teams put cyber asset intelligence at the heart of their security programs, and our ability to continually adapt and respond to changing environments is critical to their success.

Providing immediate value
Security teams need to know what assets they own and understand which ones create the greatest cyber risk. Noetic provides innovative cyber asset intelligence to help customers assess their current cyber readiness and focus the security team’s efforts on top-priority activities. Noetic platforms help customers successfully do this by:

  • External intelligence of cyber assets – Mapping of industrial data, including Known exploited CISA vulnerabilities catalog, MITER ATT & CK® softening and others to provide a greater context for asset risk and exposure.
  • Coating Gaps Management Boards –Helps security teams quickly identify common and easily resolved security coverage vulnerabilities.
  • Ad-hoc data security support – Many organizations store important information about critical applications or security risks in spreadsheets. Noetic’s new data-absorbing capability supports the import of ad-hoc data into the model.

Simplify and expand the use of cyber asset management

The Noetic platform uses Graph database technology to map cyber connections between assets. This innovative technological approach allows Noetic to move into deep hierarchies and find hidden connections, providing a context to help security teams make more informed decisions. The latest edition of the Noetic platform is based on Graph’s own capabilities to provide added value, such as:

  • Understanding and improving data quality – Noetic’s new data analysis feature automatically and continuously analyzes data for each different source for completeness and accuracy, providing an assessment of data quality.
  • Simplify graphics requests Noetic agreed openCypher, a widely used language for open requests. Noetic has developed a graphical user interface with targeting and clicking to guide security analysts through the steps to create powerful relationship-based requests with little or no training.
  • Support for cloud and local applications – Organizations need to protect assets in public and private clouds, as well as in traditional LANs. Noetic outpost maintains secure takeovers behind the corporate firewall and private clouds.

“The challenge of identifying and managing assets in the context of cybersecurity has grown significantly in recent years,” he said. And Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber. “Noetic’s innovation is important because its ability to prioritize and automate helps security teams focus on critical areas of cyber risk.”

Noetic will present and present the latest version of the platform at the RSA conference San Francisco, California at Early Stage Expo at booth 05. More information about the Noetic Continuous Cyber ​​Asset Management and Controls platform can be found at

About Noetic Cyber
Noetic provides a proactive approach to cyber asset management and controls, enabling security teams to see, understand, correct and improve their security position and corporate ecosystem. Our goal is to improve security tools and control efficiency by breaking down existing silos and improving the entire security ecosystem. Founded in 2019, Noetic is based in Boston and London. For more information visit www.noeticcyber.comor follow us LinkedIn or Twitter.

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