Novel Reigns by WWE, CM Punk by AEW are on the rise in early summer’s Fight Week is published weekly and provides below-the-surface coverage of the professional wrestling business.

A tale of two champions

Roman Reigns and CM Punk are the world champions of WWE and AEW respectively. And everyone has an important task in the near future this summer, although their situations are completely different.

Let’s start with Reigns, which holds both WWE and universal titles. His last TV match was as one of the six players of The Bloodline last month on The Bloodline Reaction pay-per-view against Drew McIntyre, Matt Riddle and Randy Orton. Previously, his last televised singles match was in April during the main event of WrestleMania 38, defeating Brock Lesnar. Reigns has fought many times since mania, minimizing rumors that he was injured in this match against Lesnar. He has fought mostly with McIntyre on house shows – they have met 10 times in single games on the house show chain since Wrestling mania– but the lack of recent appearances has made even more sense in Reigns matches.

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