Obsidian Entertainment’s 2022 editions can herald well-known

Not surprisingly, of all the RPGs in development, Microsoft has chosen Starfield to lead his recent presentation on the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. After all, Bethesda’s name is in the title, so it makes sense to give Starfield upper charge. It also helps that he likes it fable and Denied do not have clear release dates, unlike Starfield, which has a healthy launch window in early 2023. However, it would be nice to see Denied on display, although Obsidian Entertainment had a lot to discuss during the show. Denied has been running away from fans since it was announced, and updates are long overdue.


However Denied It didn’t appear on the show by itself, Obsidian’s participation in general may be good news for a fantasy RPG. As Obsidian Entertainment has confirmed that it will release two of its games in full by the end of this year, it seems likely Denied really approaching. The studio has been doing a lot lately, but if two significant projects are essentially completed, then Obsidian is probably ready to start devoting more resources to Denied. IN Pillars of eternity the successor may have a smoother voyage ahead of him once the Obsidian 2022 games are out of the way.

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The Obsidian Entertainment Games in 2022

During the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, Obsidian Entertainment confirmed this Grounded will be released properly in 2022. Technically, the game can be played through early access from 2020, but the new release date suggests that Obsidian is pleased with the state of the game and is ready to complete its main development. The studio definitely has something to be proud of; GroundedVarious updates have added a lot of new content to the backyard and made the game a better rounded survival experience. said that Grounded it has obviously been a big undertaking in the last few years, so it may have been something of an obstacle Denied.

Obsidian also intends to release Pentiment this year. Leaks in late 2021 suggest that Obsidian is working on an adventure game led by a dialogue called Pentiment, and the window proved that the rumors are true. This revealed that Pentiment is a medieval mysterious murder game with a charming aesthetic, inspired by works of art found in real manuscripts and woodcuts from the Middle Ages. pentiment, which was directed by Josh Sawyer Fallout: New Vegas fame seems like less of an undertaking than other current Obsidian projects, but it certainly diverted some resources from Denied However.

Avoved has more room to breathe

Although the studio may have considered extensions after launch Pentiment and grounded, Chances are good that Obsidian will release talent, time and money once these games are released. We hope that these resources can be directed to them Denied to ensure that the last months or years of development are as smooth as possible. While Grounded and Pentiment are remarkable projects, Obsidian is known mainly for its ability to make role-playing games and is therefore under great pressure to make Denied excellent. These 2022 editions provide a good opportunity for strengthening Deniedthe process of developing and achieving maximum polishing before it is released.

Denied there is still competition within Obsidian for attention, of course. The outer worlds 2 is also under development, but since then Denied was announced about a year ago Outer worlds sequel, there is a great chance Denied will be a priority for the moment. While Grounded and Pentiment you don’t have to procrastinate, the end of 2022 should mean big things denied, even if the game is still far from being released. Maybe with the help of additional resources gained from these games Denied it may still be out by the end of 2023, even with Bethesda’s Starfield on the horizon, RPG fans using the Xbox would surely like another Obsidian title.

Denied is under development for PC and Xbox Series X / S.

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