Odds for the 2022 Big 12 Championship, election: Texas is preferred to win the title, but Baylor, Kansas, has the greatest value

Six years later, Oklahoma’s top-12 rule ended in 2021, when Baylor and the Oklahoma State excluded the Sooners from the conference game. As the Sooners undergo a transformation under first-time coach Brent Venables, Vegas agrees that the Big 12 will be grabbed again in 2022.

With the chaos ahead comes value for smart bettors. The first round of odds for the Big 12 championship has been released in Caesars Sportsbook and they paint an interesting picture. Transitional troops in Austin, Texas, and Norman, Oklahoma. lead in the list, but the contenders for the title of the Big 12 from a season ago remain in the top group. Four teams reached between +2500 and +4000 odds, but they are not to be ignored. In a league as lively as the Big 12, don’t count anyone.

Without further ado, here’s how Caesars Sportsbook bookmakers see the accumulation of odds for the Big 12 title in 2022, along with some early betting tips.

Best bet – Baylor (+600): The Bears won the league last year with a goal line position and bring back many of the key players who brought them to the top. While Oklahoma, Texas and the State of Oklahoma are at the top of the Big 12, the value of Baylor’s betting is hard to ignore. While the bears are exhausted in defense – along with the voluntary replacement of the quarterback in second grade Blake’s forms this should attract the attention of the Big 12 – Baylor can boast perhaps the best trenches in the league on both sides of the ball. Left grip Connor Galvin ranks among the best in the sport and leads a unit with four returnees. Nose grip Check Ica will be an All-American challenger to a defensive line that returns every starter. Oh, and by the way, we qualified Dave Aranda is a №11 coach in college football after just two seasons. There are reasons to doubt whether the bears can equate to their magical season 12-2. But the odds of 6-1 to win the conference? This will happen.

Worst bet – Texas (+175): Not many programs could publish their worst season as a first-year coach since 1937 improve his odds for last season’s title. Longhorns are no ordinary program. Of course, Texas has introduced a star recruitment class that includes former quarterback number 1 Queen Yurce and a handful of talent positioning talents to create a talented room, but the gaping holes in the offensive line and defense remain unanswered. After taking a lot of lead in the second half in the debut of Steve Sargsyan, luck should start to take their side, but to be a favorite to win the league is too far. The odds for the Big 12 of Texas are better than the chances of Cincinnati and USC to win their respective conferences and almost match the chances of Georgia winning the SEC.

Choice of value – State of Kansas (+2500): The Wildcats are on the shortlist of Big 12 teams, arguing to represent both the best offensive and defensive player in the conference. Running back Duce Vaughn is the best player no one talks about – seriously, look at him – and the defensive end of Felix Anudike-Uzoma led all the Power Five students named Will Anderson in sacks. Kansas is in the top 50 in both offensive and defensive returns. The wild card comes in the form of a quarterback Adrian Martinez, who moved to Manhattan after ranking among the program leaders in each Nebraska quarterback category. Martinez’s inconsistency has ruined him throughout his career, but Kansas State coach Chris Kliman has done a magical job with quarterbacks in his career. The upper side is an intriguing value.

Long shot – Texas Tech (+6000): The Red Raiders have finally returned to the 2021 Cup game and brought in an exciting new coaching staff who may be ready to help Texas Tech take the next step. Offensive coordinator Zack Kitley coaches Bailey Zape in the most productive season of all time before returning to Lubbock, and has intriguing quarterback rooms and receptions to work with. Defense co-ordinator Tim DeRuiter nearly pushed Oregon into college football playoffs and took on a promising stance. Head coach Joey McGuire bears a pedigree of high school and Baylor ball wins, along with recruiting that helped the Red Raiders qualify for transfer number 26. Does Texas Tech really have a chance to win its first title from Big 12 since the creation of the league? Who knows, but for odds of 600-1 it’s worth throwing a Hamilton.

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