Oh time capsule Rutland, where are you?

RUTLAND — Many Rutland residents remember the town’s 250th anniversary celebration in 1972 and share stories of goofs, long beards and burying a 6-foot-tall razor with a time capsule downtown, in front of the library. The time capsule’s grave was marked with a tombstone that read “Here lies O. Razer, may he rust in peace.”

The marker refers to a sillier time when men refused to shave for the year, only to bury their razors and other artifacts in a time capsule in the common area. Others recall stories of outbuildings appearing on lawns, cars parked on doorsteps and lots and lots of parties.

On June 11, 2022, a hundred or more people gathered as the Brothers of the Brush, organized by the Rutland Fire Brigade and led by Darren Ross, planned to unearth the 50-year-old time capsule. The Rutland Cable Channel and a reporter from the Worcester Spectrum News were filming, anxiously awaiting what would come out.

Many in attendance speculated what might be lurking beneath. Those who were there in ’72 boasted about what they remembered being placed there and where the capsule or capsules were supposed to be located. Of the dozen or so accounts of the common’s content, no two are the same.

“How they buried him, I don’t remember much about it,” said Eric Helle, dressed in his Brothers of the Brush gear. “Time capsule, I’m not too sure. But I know there was something here.”

Dan Suchoki of Rutland summed it up.

RUTLAND - A 4-by-2-foot concrete block was dug up near O'Reasor's tombstone.  A can of beer was stuck in the corner of the block.

“Knowing these guys, they might have put something in here with a note saying the real thing is somewhere else,” he said, referring to various Rutland capers that involved stealing artifacts from other brush groups and even others cities celebrating their own centenaries.

The dig crew consisted of local contractor Mark Sinkiewicz and his backhoe, as well as shovel-ready Randy Jordan and Darren Ross. As the crowd gathered, many had to be turned back as the excavator dug into the city’s soil, starting in front of O. Razor’s tombstone.

The first spoonfuls of soil began to appear on the surface of plastic flower pedals and other plastic ornaments, probably thrown into a hole before being covered, perhaps during a ceremony.

Then the team started digging. And dig. They found a live water line and one from last year.

RUTLAND - A jackhammer was used to break up the concrete block found buried near the O'Raisor headstone on City Street.  Despite high hopes, no time capsule was found in the block.

With a clang, the excavators announced that they had hit a concrete slab. Apparently, this is the tomb of the 50-year-old capsule. With some digging and a bit of chain work, the team was able to surface a 4-by-2-foot concrete table, lifting it out of the depression and placing it on the grass in the common area for all to ponder.

Onlookers, including the 1972 witnesses as well as some original brush brothers, squinted in confusion. No one recognized or could explain the block. It was smooth on all sides, except for one corner where a Budweiser beer can partially protruded from the concrete.

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