Onapsis product updates enhance the security of business applications

At the RSA Conference 2022, Onapsis announced improved information security solutions for its Assess and Defend products.

Building on the momentum from the launch of Assess Baseline, Onapsis extends the scope of Onapsis Research Labs to the network layer to make it easier for cybersecurity teams to protect the highlights with a new suite of network discovery rules for Onapsis Defend and further improve support. for SAP SuccessFactors, a cloud solution for human capital management (HCM) and the Onapsis SaaS platform.

Business-critical applications are increasingly at risk as customers struggle to keep up with unrepaired vulnerabilities, ERP-focused threat groups, and other cyber threats globally. In this environment, it is essential that organizations are equipped with appropriate tools to correct or mitigate these critical vulnerabilities, which are repeatedly used by cybercriminals.

New updates to Onapsis’ product will provide valuable, business-critical opportunities to identify threats to the organization’s existing network security solutions; Increase support for cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors to better track user privileges, permissions, and suspicious behavior. and improve the supply of SaaS for Assess.

“With our new additions to Onapsis Defend and Onapsis Assess, customers are offered an extra layer of protection and accelerated payback time with easy deployment,” said Sadiq Al-Abdullah, Onapsis’ Chief Product Officer. “Onapsis Research Labs and our product teams are constantly digging deeper to help the world’s most reputable and prominent brands successfully integrate their business-critical applications into their existing cybersecurity programs. These proposals illustrate our commitment to innovation and the provision of pragmatic solutions that have a direct impact on their security position. “

Major improvements and additions to the Onapsis platform:

  • Network discovery package for Onapsis Defend: The ability to protect SAP landscapes from threats prior to the release of vendor patches is a critical benefit of Onapsis, SAP’s most influential and prolific provider of vulnerability research. An increasing number of threats have components that can be exploited online, and with this Snort subscription policy package built on Onapsis Research Labs’ unique threat intelligence, Onapsis Defend customers receive an additional layer of protection with open rules network threat code that can be imported into all Snort-compliant network security products implemented by organizations as part of their in-depth security strategies.
  • Onapsis Evaluation for SAP SuccessFactors: SuccessFactors provides key human resources features such as employee experience management, core human resources and salaries, talent management, and more. SuccessFactors collects a variety of sensitive data, such as bank account information and compensation calculations, that organizations must protect for regulatory and reputational purposes. More than 7,400 organizations, including 43% of Fortune 500 companies, use SAP SuccessFactors, and Onapsis Assess reduces troubleshooting time by 83%. With Onapsis Assess for SAP SuccessFactors, organizations can perform security assessments and scan for threats, as well as automate testing and validation of common IT controls to support audits of data privacy regulations.
  • Onapsis SaaS for evaluation: Highly scalable and easy to configure, the Onapsis SaaS for Assess is a zero-footprint model that speeds up time to value by simplifying the implementation and management of Onapsis’ core vulnerability management proposals. With increasing direct attacks on business-critical applications, organizations can move faster to protect their critical systems and see a faster return on investment with Onapsis SaaS for Assess.

“The security of business-critical applications is becoming increasingly important as threat actors continue to mature. It is now more important than ever for organizations working with these applications to use the right tools to protect themselves from these threats, ”added Mariano Nunes, Chief Executive Officer of Onapsis. “We take this protection one more step by ensuring that Onapsis customers have access to the most robust and integrable enhancements that continue to protect and maintain their critical systems.”

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