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Even against the backdrop of a tight labor market with excessive vacancies, there is some demographic data that has not recovered from the pandemic.


There is currently an unemployment rate of 30% for military couples, “said Victoria Carlborg, labor development coordinator for Oceanside Chamber of Commerce. “The pandemic was a major obstacle for most people, but especially for women and especially for military husbands. We have a lot of work to do, but I think we will get there. “
To get there in terms of employment opportunities for military couples, the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce, the National Chamber of Commerce of Veterans and SCORE Mentors have teamed up to develop a free business incubator program.

The Incubator for Women Entrepreneurs program launched its first cohort last fall through Zoom, training women to grow part-time or full-time businesses focused on social media management.
Initially, the program offered additional career paths, such as online travel, virtual assistant and personal coaching, but the program eventually focused on social media due to huge interest.

Online flexibility

“No matter what type of business they plan to start, they will all need social media skills because they start with very little capital,” Carlborg said, adding that many women in the program add these skills to improve existing home businesses. .


“Before technology, people were involved in real estate, notaries and things like that. But when technology came along, social media opened up so many more paths, “said Joseph Molina, executive director and chief executive of the San Diego-based National Chamber of Commerce of Veterans.
The online nature of the program and the business opportunities it offers are designed, Molina said, as military families are often ordered to relocate shortly. Being online has also allowed him to expand beyond Camp Pendleton’s community service and now has participants from bases across the country.

“This works very well for OJT (on-the-job training) for our spouses because it’s so flexible,” Carlborg added.

Workshops for mentors

The incubator program is divided into three parts, starting with a series of online classes and seminars teaching the basics of social media management. After completing the course work, participants begin an internship program working with companies working on social media.

“They learn what it’s like to work with a real company, not just a workbook,” Molina said. “They can experience the intricacies of working with a client, how to submit a proposal, how to charge for services later, how to set boundaries.”

After the four-week internship, the women have been assigned a SCORE mentor to help them complete their business – set up their license, open bank accounts and any other needs to get started.


“SCORE Volunteers in San Diego are experienced entrepreneurs, corporate managers and executives with a diverse range of industries and specialties who volunteer their experience and knowledge to help small business professionals start, grow and grow their business,” said Laura. Rau, mentor and contact with veterans Result from San Diego Mentors.
Future goals

To date, the program has about 100 participants from three cohorts. On May 19, the third cohort completed the course part of the program and the first cohort is now fully completed and working on its business.

“One of these alumni has a contract and has become one of our instructors, she teaches part of the training,” Carlborg said. “Two alumni of the cohort, two are working to promote other programs through companies and through the Chamber, so they are already active.”

The active role of the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce in the women’s incubator program is part of a new commitment to community workforce development. Carlborg, who previously worked for non-profit veterans and the small business administration in Washington, D.C., was the first coordinator for the chamber’s workforce development. Already the annual role is in charge of developing, implementing and funding Oceanside job programs.

Carlborg said her next project through the Chamber is a summer camp for a youth business incubator. Although the program already has start-up funds, the Chamber is still seeking donations of money, as well as business attire, needed for fake student interviews and internships.

Molina, whose education experience founded the National Chamber of Commerce for Veterans in 2017. When Carlborg approached him to help launch the incubator program, they set out to eventually include universities, colleges and school districts. “So military couples get a professional development certificate with CEU units so they can go to university and get credit,” he said.

Molina received her own degree while serving in the army and took advantage of outside classes that offered loans.

“The biggest advantage is the reduction in time,” he said. “Instead of taking you four years to complete a degree, it will take you three.”

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