Oshkosh’s businesses make Pride part of their business model all year round

OSHKOSH – June is coming to an end, which means that Pride flags and rainbow-themed confectionery will soon be harder to find.

It is true that some companies use the month for their own personal gain without supporting causes or organizations. But at the heart of Pride Month, which marks the birth of the modern LGBTQ civil rights movement and the impact its members have had, is an idea that some local business owners lag behind year-round.

Ken Osmond, who owns the Planet Perk cafes in Oshkosh, believes the idea of ​​inclusion is not so much a time of year as a business model. While the cafe does “some performative things” such as hanging signs that everyone is welcome and the Pride flag, he said it also donates to organizations that offer LGBTQ resources and support and provides space for meetings of these groups.

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