OSU Business Analytics Team Earns Top 5 Honors at Humana-Mays Healthcare Case Competition

Monday, October 31, 2022

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A group of business analytics students at Oklahoma State University teamed up to place in the top five out of 550 students representing 48 universities across the country in the sixth annual Humana-Mays Healthcare Analytics Case Competition.

Amartya Mitra, Tanushree Ghosh, Bhakti Saoji and Mihir Shinde — master’s students in the business analytics and data science program at the Spears School of Business — were named as a top 5 team. They are joined by teams from Washington University in St. Louis, California University of Los Angeles (two teams) and the University of Connecticut competing for the $50,000 first place prize.

“We feel really excited and honored to be one of the top five teams in the competition,” Mitra said. “This was the result of hard work and dedication by the competitive analysis development team. I am especially grateful to my teammates Mihir, Bhakti and Tanushree. We are grateful to the MS BanDS program at OSU for providing us with the training to succeed in this national competition.”

Texas A&M University’s Mays School of Business in partnership with Humana hosts the annual competition, which offers graduate students an opportunity to showcase their analytical skills and solve a real-world business problem for Humana using real data.

In addition to Mitra and his colleagues ranking in the top five, 13 other groups of OSU business analytics students were recognized in the top 50 during the first round of the competition. They were:
5. Joe Austin Athimala Maria and team members,
7. Tejaswi Maruthi and team members,
13. Palash Gupta and team members,
15. Kalbe Agaria and team members,
16. Vishal Tyagi and team members,
20. Rafa Abdullah and team members,
25. Kayleigh Wilson and team members,
26. Shubhi Gupta and team members,
29. Zach Miller and team members,
30. Sai Srishma Thupakula and team members,
32. Daniel Marchese and team members,
42. Bharath Raj Muppalla and team members,
44, Ayush Mohan and team members.

Students say the competition is good preparation for their future careers in analytics.

“We faced a challenging real-life healthcare data set and were tasked with predicting members whose housing may be insecure,” Saoji said. “We found ourselves researching the problem statement thoroughly and brainstormed as a team to provide tailored recommendations to various segments of the housing insecure membership. We’ve learned to answer the ‘so what’ question, which is critical to gaining impactful insights that add business value.”

Mitra agreed and said the student enjoyed the challenge.

“The race was a steep learning curve for the team,” Mitra said. “This project was a great opportunity to challenge us and work with a large set of real-world data. Competitions like these really broaden the horizons of our thinking abilities and force us to look for radical ways to tackle real-world problems.”

Dr. Goutam Chakraborty, SAS Professor of Marketing Analytics and Director of the MS in Business Analytics and Data Science program, said the results of the competition were a real achievement.

“It is amazing to see our MS BanDS student teams perform so well in national and world competitions,” said Chakraborty. “Finishing in the top 5 at such a prestigious tournament is a fantastic achievement for our students. Additionally, having 14 teams in the top 50 shows the strength of our program, the dedication of our faculty and the hard work of our students. I am very proud of all the students.”

For more information about the Master of Business Analytics and Data Science program at OSU, visit the website.

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