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Term life insurance of Penn Mutual

Term life insurance is life insurance for people who are looking for stable interest rates for an equal period. For example, if you have 30 years left on your mortgage and want life insurance to cover it if you die, a 30-year term policy may be a good option. You can renew or purchase a new policy after the level expires, but you must be prepared for a significant increase in premiums.

Term life insurance does not build monetary value.

Penn Mutual’s Guaranteed convertible term Life insurance is available in 10-, 15-, 20- and 30-year terms depending on your age (20 to 69) and tobacco use. The minimum nominal amount for this product is $ 250,000. Policyholders have the option to convert this term policy into a permanent policy during the level premium period and before the age of 70. You can convert all or part of your term coverage amount. The converted policies come with Penn Mutual’s Chronic Illness Rider, included in the first five years of the policy.

Term of protection that cannot be converted is similar, but is available to buyers up to 70 years of age. It does not offer the possibility to convert from a term policy to a permanent policy.

Guaranteed universal life insurance from Penn Mutual

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance (GUL) offers the potential for flexible premiums and amounts of death benefits up to certain limits, but the ability to accumulate monetary value may be minimal. Because policyholders can expect minimal benefits from this type of universal life insurance, it is usually cheaper than other universal life insurance policies.

For buyers looking for the flexibility and guarantees that GUL has to offer, Penn Mutual’s Guaranteed protection Universal Life is an option for buyers up to 85 years of age. Amounts start at $ 50,000, depending on your age and tariff class. There is an uninterrupted warranty up to 121 years of age. For the accumulation of monetary value, it guarantees a minimum interest rate of 2%. This product comes with several built-in riders and the option to add five more.

All Penn Mutual life insurance

Comprehensive life insurance is an option for people looking for a low-risk life insurance policy with a guaranteed accumulation of cash value and fixed premiums.

Penn Mutual’s Guaranteed lifetime II is an option for life insurance for buyers up to the age of 85 and guarantees death benefits up to the age of 121. The minimum nominal amount available for buyers under the age of 70 is $ 50,000 – or $ 100,000 for buyers aged 71 and over – and depends on the health classification. The Penn Mutual offers 13 riders who can complement its Lifelong Guaranteed II.

Penn Mutual’s indexed universal life insurance

If you are looking for a death benefit that will increase (or decrease) with an index such as the S&P 500, indexed universal life insurance (IUL) is an option. Although this type of life insurance links your monetary value to an index, it includes participation rates and ceilings that can keep the monetary value of the biggest profits. Please note that if your monetary value becomes too low to cover the costs and fees of the policy, the IUL policy may be canceled.

Accumulation Builder Flex is a product of IUL and is available to buyers up to 85 years of age. The accumulation of monetary value is tied to the S&P 500, but also includes the option of a lower risk account with a fixed interest rate with a guaranteed minimum rate of 2%. The minimum amount per person is either $ 50,000 or $ 100,000, depending on your age and grade.

The guaranteed levels for Penn Mutual’s Accumulation Builder Flex range from 1% to 2% and are determined based on the indexed account options selected. Restrictions, also depending on the selected account options, range from 6.75% to 10%, but there is also an unlimited option. The participation rate for this product is 100%.

Penn Mutual’s variable universal life insurance

Variable Universal Life Insurance (VUL) provides options for choosing investments in cash between sub-accounts. There is also flexibility to change the amount of the premium, the frequency of payment and the amount of the death benefit. This type of permanent life insurance is designed to stay in place throughout your life.

VUL insurance includes the ability to borrow without taxes or withdraw your monetary value. But your policy may expire if your cash value becomes too low to cover the costs and fees of the policy, so you should follow this type of policy. VUL insurance policies usually include significant fees and are best suited for people at higher risk due to the investment component.

Diversified advantage VUL is Penn Mutual’s variable universal life insurance product. Available to buyers under the age of 85 with nominal amounts starting at $ 50,000, depending on age and health classification.

It offers 29 variable investment options, three indexed fixed account options and one fixed account option to meet different risk tolerances and life stages. Options for indexed accounts include 100% participation rate, ceilings ranging from 0% to 10.5% and guaranteed duties from 0% to 1%. For those looking for a slightly lower risk, a fixed interest rate account guarantees a minimum interest rate of 2%. Diversified Advantage VUL is very adaptable, with 13 riders available to complement the coverage.

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