Perfect Corp. brings together industry leaders to showcase the best technological trends transforming retail at the 2022 Global Beauty and Fashion Forum in New York

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS CHP) – The annual franchise event of Perfect Corp., Global Beauty and Fashion Tech Forum, returned to the personal format on June 21st in New York, bringing together industry leaders from the most innovative beauty, technology and media brands to explore the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) transforming the consumer experience. This year’s event focuses on the digital transformation and the era of Web 3.0, with presentations and panels shedding light on the global rise of beauty and fashion technologies in retail.

The programming began with a keynote presentation by Alfect Chang, Founder and CEO of Perfect Corp., on the rapid expansion of AI and AR technologies into new categories, the importance of these technologies in building personalized and immersive shopping, and the role technology plays. plays in support of sustainable business practices. The event included insightful panels with speakers from The Estée Lauder Companies, Snap Inc., Allure, NARS Cosmetics, Coty, Belcorp, Real Simple, elf Cosmetics, WWD, NuSkin, Beekman 1802, BeautyMatter, Glossy, AWE, Super Ventures, Bambumeta, and Wake Forest School of Medicine. Insightful panels and presentations explored the important role that AI + AR will play in the future of retail and gave attendees a first-hand look at the impact the brands have experienced in implementing AI + AR technology during their consumer journeys.

Introducing the next era of digital transformation in retail with AI + AR technology

The conference showed many ways in which AI + AR technology has revolutionized retail, fueling the future of beauty and fashion and enabling personalized shopping, while increasing sales, customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Live technology demonstrations highlighted some of Perfect Corp.’s most innovative AI + AR solutions, including the new AgileHand technology, which uses advanced PBR (Physical Based Rendering) to provide hyper-realistic virtual samples for watches, rings, bracelets and nail colors. The live demonstrations also highlighted Perfect Corp.’s comprehensive set of technology solutions. for beauty and fashion, including the new makeup training platform YouCam Tutorial, which provides users with step-by-step makeup lessons complete with a guide story.

In-depth panel discussions explored the role of AI + AR technology in beauty and fashion retail, as well as the emerging Web 3.0 space. Here are the five best technology trends shared at the forum:

  1. Global acceptance of AI + AR

    There is a remarkable growth in technological innovation and brands are using these solutions faster than ever to run their business. Brands investing in these technologies are growing in double digits, and consumers have begun to expect personalized shopping powered by AI and AR technology when shopping online, in-store and through social commerce. During the forum, brand leaders stressed the importance of interactive solutions, powered by artificial intelligence, to create fun, immersive and fun shopping experiences for consumers. It was clear that AI + AR technology has become a key to the success of brands today and is a key tool that brands can use to facilitate and deliver these new, over-engaged shopping.

  2. The growing importance of personalization during consumer shopping:

    Consumers of beauty and fashion today are more likely to buy from brands that provide personalized recommendations. AI + AR technology has become a must-have tool that beauty and fashion brands can use when they want to provide personalized shopping to their customer base. One panel focuses on the many ways AI transforms retail travel for skin care, with speakers highlighting how AI technology helps users identify the best product regimen for their individual skin problems, as well as track skin results. over time. This type of personalized, personalized consumer experience is one that we will continue to see more and more brands deliver to meet consumer demand.

  3. The role of AI + AR Tech in sustainability:

    The widespread adoption of AI + AR’s virtual testing technology has helped brands move from physical sampling to a fully digital platform sampling initiative. For many brands, this technology has eliminated the need for physical samples of products and has helped reduce product waste. During the forum, the brand’s speakers discussed the many ways in which AR technology helps increase confidence in purchases and helps minimize product returns for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly retail market. It was clear that sustainability and accountability remain key areas of focus for brand strategies, and AI and AR virtual testing technologies continue to offer unique solutions that help businesses today achieve and prioritize their ESG goals.

  4. The rapid expansion of AI + AR Tech into new categories:

    Although the use of AI + AR in the beauty space is growing, the introduction of technology is rapidly expanding to new categories in the fashion and accessories industries. Advanced fashion technology solutions for jewelry (including earrings, bracelets, rings and luxury watches), glasses and accessories have been introduced, with plans to expand clothing and apparel in the near future.

  5. Search for cohesive multi-channel experiences for beauty and fashion technologies

    To maximize the impact of technology solutions, brands must use AI and AR at all consumer points of contact to meet consumers where they are. In the main address of the event, the founder and CEO of Perfect Corp. Alice Chang discussed the importance of using AI + AR technology to create personalized shopping experiences, noting that brands integrating AI and AR-powered solutions into omnichannel touchpoints have reported up to 3X engagement and a +200% increase in purchase. The stunning results of the brand’s partners were reflected during the conference, further proving the application and effectiveness of these modern technological solutions.

Leader of the digital technological revolution in beauty and fashion

“As consumers of beauty and fashion continue to become increasingly digitally focused, beauty and fashion brands are facing the challenge of devising new ways to improve the retail experience. Using the power of AI and AR technology, brands can introduce immersive, engaging and customized consumer outlets that create an impactful consumer journey, ”said the founder and CEO of Perfect Corp. Alice Chang. “AI + AR will be at the heart of these experiences and will continue to be essential to captivating consumers online, in stores and in the emerging digital worlds of the Metauniverse and beyond. We are delighted to serve a growing list of hundreds of global brand partners around the world who are leaning towards digital transformation and creating the next generation of retail for consumers through AI and AR. ”

To watch the replay of the 2022 Global Beauty and Fashion Tech Forum, click here.

Regarding Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp. is a leading provider of technology solutions for beauty and fashion of SaaS AI and AR, dedicated to transforming shopping by empowering brands to embrace the world first in digital technology.

Partnering with the biggest names in the industry, Perfect Corp.’s enterprise suite package. provides synergistic, technology-based experiences that facilitate sustainable, ultra-personalized and engaging shopping trips, as well as equipping brands with next-generation consumer goods. Perfect Corp. offers an additional suite of mobile apps, including YouCam Makeup and YouCam Perfect, to provide a user platform for virtual testing of new products, skin diagnostics, photo editing and sharing experiences with the YouCam community. To learn more, please visit

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