Personal health and wellness coach = personal coach for your career

When someone wants to ensure that they achieve their health and wellness goals, they will often use the services of a personal trainer. People will invest in a personal trainer to provide the tools, support, accountability, education, and personalized attack plan that will increase their chances of successfully achieving their health and wellness goals. The personal trainer evaluates the current program and goals of his clients, provides motivation, pushes their clients more and facilitates the changes in behavior that clients can embrace in order to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Wouldn’t it be great to hire a personal trainer to achieve your career goals? Well, now you can…

… Rutgers University – Camden Vocational and Leadership Education recognizes the parallels between the development of sustainable wellness behaviors and career-friendly learning – both are lifelong goals.

The personal training coach model

The Rutgers-Camden Vocational and Executive Education Department acknowledged the similarities between wellness goals and career goals. They have developed the equivalent of a personal trainer for skills acquisition and career advancement, which they call Personal Learning Coach or PLC. PLC supports professionals and emerging leaders to achieve the same learning goals that will support their career success as a personal trainer does to achieve their wellness goals.

In addition to personal, hybrid and online cohort training and on-site organizational training, Rutgers-Camden’s Vocational and Leadership Education Department can provide truly individualized training through its PLC model.

To meet the busy schedules of professionals and emerging managers, Rutgers-Camden’s powerful hybrid PLC model for vocational and executive education combines the flexible provision of self-paced online learning with that of an experienced professional serving as a learning and career guide. PLC mentors its students by successfully completing the program and adjusts them to achieve their career aspirations.

How it works

Effective vocational training is intensive, continuous, content-focused and must resonate with the career aspirations of the professional or growing CEO. Acquiring knowledge and skills combined with coaching are very effective in promoting meaningful learning. The training is provided by PLC, a combined expert on the subject and a proven industry executive who draws on many years of experience to explain the nuances of how the material can be applied in this field. The PLC links the individual learner’s current knowledge and career aspirations to the core material to create ‘learning by purpose’ – provided to the learner in a way that fits their schedule.

Most of Rutgers-Camden’s vocational and managerial education programs run from three months to six months. The PLC model combines an appropriate curriculum for practitioners and academics with personal, virtual meetings. To ensure that the individual’s learning is supportive where they are and where they want to go in their careersthis custom delivery model unites the learner with the PLC, which will meet almost five times during the program.

In the first session, the PLC will go through the learner’s goals for enrollment in the program – career change, career advancement or career improvement – and will create a personalized learning plan that is in line with the learner’s career plan. During the additional scheduled virtual one-on-one meetings, the PLC will discuss homework issues and tasks and link skills acquisition to the learner’s work and career, thus ensuring that the learner gets the most out of the presented material and training, which it receives from its PLCs. The PLC will also provide insights that they have gained over their many years of practice in the core discipline.

The audience

Given the personalized nature of the PLC model, these programs are ideal for both individuals and organizations. They are cost-effective and can lead to results that can be applied to work immediately.

For people who want to pursue a career in a private company, nonprofit or government agency, these short-term programs can position them to get the interview or promotion they envision as part of their career trajectory. For those people who are more inclined to take an entrepreneurial path, these programs can provide the necessary skills to build confidence in achieving their entrepreneurial dream.

For organizations, this approach can help their talent development units meet the flexible training needs of their employees. When combined with custom programs designed to track a self-paced component delivered before hiring a new hire, it’s a cost-effective way to integrate new employees into the organization by providing the most appropriate skills, teaming, and familiarity with them. the culture of the organization. Offering this method of training can not only help retain employees, but can also support talent acquisition efforts.

Upon successful completion, students will earn accreditation to put on their resume, which shows their newly acquired skills from a trusted public institution serving the people, business and government agencies of New Jersey for more than 250 years.

Rutgers is a quality brand that inspires confidence in students and employers1.

For more information on Rutgers-Camden’s vocational and management education programs, visit, email [email protected] or call our office at 856-225-6685.

1. The founding of the Rutgers in 1766 placed him in the same respected class as the Ivy League colleges. His decision to serve the needs of everything learners as a public institution are translated in the same capacity as those who have chosen a private path, which we now call “Ivies”.

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