Plans are underway for the Phillips’ Mill art exhibition

“LIGHTS AT NIGHT”; This painting by Patricia Alingham Carlson was chosen as the company image for this year’s 93rd Juried Art Show at Phillips’ Mill. According to the Signature Images Committee, his sense of community spirit, depicting a diverse group of celebrants, helped him win the competition.

There are many traditions in planning the historic “Juried Art Show” at Phillips’ Mill, which celebrates its 93rd anniversary this September. The anticipation is growing as artists await the publication of the exhibition brochure, which is now available on Phillips’ Mill’s website at

This year’s show will be held live from September 24 to October 30 at the Mill and online. “There’s nothing like experiencing the show at our favorite Mill landmark,” said Mary Flamer, chair of this year’s art show. “Providing it online also offers unmatched accessibility and welcomes art lovers near and far.”

The Art Show Committee announced that the jury will be held in person at the Mill this year. This long tradition at Phillips’ Mill has been broken in the last two years of the pandemic.

“Having a jury in place to see the submitted works in person, to see the works of art in real light from every angle, to experience the texture, the brush, the color, is something special on this day of the online jury,” Flamer said. “We are excited to be able to offer this to our submitters once again.”

All registration will be done online at between August 1 and August 31. High-resolution images are required for all registration work to facilitate the creation of the online show. The work must then be submitted to Phillips’ Mill on reception days, 9 and 10 September, for a personal jury and must be registered online before it can be submitted.

Another tradition is the invitation to present signature images, when local artists are invited to create an image of the historic old mill, located on the sharp bend of River Road, north of New Hope, Pennsylvania. With nearly two dozen entries received this year, the competition was fierce, according to organizers.

The Phillips ‘Mill Arts Committee has announced that this year’s Signature Image, which is already appearing in exhibition materials and on the Phillips’ Mill website, is joyful, colorful and lively. Lights at night by Patricia Alingham Carlson of Hatborough, Pennsylvania.

“We were thrilled that so many artists took part in the competition,” said Gene Underwood, chairman of the Signature Images Committee. “All participants presented a beautiful work and gave the commission a lot to discuss. The winning record depicts a diverse group enjoying the mill, and the spirit of the community helped it win the race. “

“I was so honored to learn that my painting was chosen,” Carlson said, “especially considering the show’s tradition and the caliber of artists in our area.” When you are accepted at this level, you have arrived. ”

Carlson’s painting will be used for all marketing, advertising and promotional materials for the show. The painting will also be exhibited and sold at the exhibition. Company paintings are often the first to be sold, with many fans until the opening of the Phillips’ Mill art jury.

The Phillips ‘Mill Public Association, the birthplace of Impressionism in Pennsylvania, has served as a meeting place for artists since 1929. The Phillips’ Mill Public Association invites and welcomes members of all who love and care about the arts. For more information on membership and the 93rd Phillips’ Mill Juried Art Show, visit

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