Popular urban art that returns in 2023, 2024

Kansas City’s ‘Parade of Hearts’ will return in 2023 — and 2024 — after the wildly popular city-wide art installation, regional pride campaign and fundraiser placed more than 150 unique hearts created by artists in the whole subway.

“Kansas City Jazz” by Julie Garwood Heide, Parade of Hearts 2022

The publicly displayed artwork quickly became a destination in the city with Kansas citizens and visitors embarking on missions to visit all 156 hearts — culminating in an online auction and a sold-out live event where the final 12 pieces were sold at auction before a crowd of more than 1,000 people.

A two-year plan announced Wednesday calls for limited edition hearts — each featuring the iconic “KC Heart” — to be displayed in 2023 with a return to the more than 100 hearts on display in 2024.

“In 2022, Kansas City has truly embraced the Parade of Hearts,” said Jen Nusbeck, Parade of Hearts Executive Director. “Our artists did such an incredible job representing a diverse cross-section of greater Kansas City – in geography, culture, age, gender and ethnicity – and we were honored to bring their projects to life. As a direct result of the overwhelming popularity and public support, we are thrilled to announce that this project will continue for at least two more years — a continuing reminder of the creativity and generosity of our region.”

Artists can immediately begin submitting heart designs for consideration in the 2023 Parade of Hearts. The project is supported by corporate and individual sponsors, merchandise sales and a public auction of hearts.

Click here to learn more about submitting art for a Parade of Hearts piece. The application deadline is November 30.

Photo courtesy of Andrea Boschnak

Andrea Bosnak, founder of Spur & Serif, was among the artists whose work was featured in the 2022 Parade of Hearts.

Her heart, which reads “together we are better” on the front and “mejores juntos” on the back, was on display in the Country Club Plaza near the Capital Grille during the campaign.

“I really value minorities and immigrants and people who had very different backgrounds than a lot of us here,” Bosnak told Startland News earlier. “I think it’s better when we have all of that in one community, I think it’s really important to appreciate all the diversity that we have and I wanted to illustrate that. I wanted this on display. I really believe in that message.”

Artists like Bosnak received the 5-foot-by-5-foot hearts in November 2021 and then submitted their finished works in January 2022. The hearts were displayed from March to June at spaces in Kansas City and then auctioned off, for to raise money for those most affected by the events in 2020 and 2021.

The Parade of Hearts raised $2.56 million for charity over the course of the 2022 campaign.

“It was so much fun making that heart,” Bosnak said. “It wouldn’t fit in my studio at home. So it lived in our living room while I worked on it.

Click here to view the Parade of Hearts artist guidelines.

Once sold at auction, Bosnak’s heart found its permanent home in a law firm in the Kansas City area.

Proceeds from the 2023 and 2024 Parade of Hearts benefit local artists through scholarships and marketing support, as well as The University of Kansas Health System and Children’s Miracle Network.

Community charities in the Kansas City area will be encouraged to apply to be considered as a third party beneficiary for the 2023 and 2024 Parade of Hearts. TheParadeofHearts.com. Applications are expected to go live in November. A selection committee will select the third charity in early 2023.

Watch the 2022 Parade of Hearts recap video below.

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