President and Creative Director of DP Casting LLC David Petro discusses his successful career in the entertainment industry

CHICAGO, Illinois / ACCESSWIRE / June 13, 2022 / David Petro is an entertainment producer with extensive industry experience in events, movies, Broadway and television. Throughout his impressive career, Mr. Petro has served as the casting director of many Broadway and off-Broadway productions. He has also served as executive producer and creative director for events with Google, Cisco, Exelon, Oracle, Microsoft, Virgin, Hyatt and General Electric. In an exclusive online interview, Mr. Petro recently took the time to discuss his career, highlighting his many professional achievements.

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As President and Creative Director of DP Casting LLC, David Petro has worked hard to cultivate lasting relationships between talented people and notable brands. He explains that the idea for his company came when a show asked him to help with the casting of a dance call.

“I was at this audition and it was as if my soul was snapping. I knew it was for me. I didn’t know how to do it, but I knew it was what I wanted to do. It was unplanned, but this one-day audition changed my life forever. I knew that all my life experience and training had brought me to this point in time. There were no other Broadway casting directors at the time who had ever performed on a Broadway show. this knowledge and insight into what it is like to be on the other side of the table intuitively led me to my calling. “

As a hard-working and creative person, Mr. Peter draws on his previous experience on Broadway to help artists and performers pursue opportunities that match their talents and skills. To the question “As an entrepreneur, what is one thing you do over and over again?” he emphasizes the importance of working with his staff and customer base.

“My work goes far beyond reserving a talented speaker or artist. My role is to find the only person to tell a specific story to a target audience, which elevates the experience into an unforgettable memory. Sounds simple! Picture your favorite movies and the memories they evoke. These movies have become your favorites because of the seamless narration of a brilliant screenplay by a superb actor that you watched at the perfect time in your life. Creating these memories through an event is my mission. I design highly equipped spaces with all the necessary tools so that talent, my clients and my team can rise. “

With over forty years of experience in the entertainment industry, Mr. Petro gives a glimpse into the exciting world of entertainment. Those who are interested in learning more are encouraged to read the entire interview found here.

About David Peter

David Petro is an entertainment producer with over forty years of experience in the event, film and television industries. Prior to his experience in corporate events, David was the casting director of many feature films, television shows, Broadway and off-Broadway shows. Mr. Petro has worked with some of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry and produced over $ 450 million in talent for corporate events, private parties, film and television productions. His ability to foster lasting connections between talent and well-known brands has made Mr. Petro one of the most sought-after talent producers in the event industry.

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