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Like many Pride events this month, the upcoming Art After Dark at the Bakersfield Museum of Art will be a showcase of creativity.

From the outstanding visual art on display in the galleries to live performances and practical art projects, attendees will have plenty of creative entertainment on June 30th.

While last year’s June Art After Dark ended with a drag show and dance party, next week’s event will highlight a wide range of performances.

“This year we decided to open it,” said Victor Gonzalez, BMoA’s temporary curator who is responsible for planning the event. “This year we have 12 different artists – poets, singers, a few drag queens – quite a variety.

“We wanted to present not just one group of artists in the community, but many of them.

Gonzalez said the full range will be released on the museum’s social media (@thebmoa on Instagram and next week. Richard Deval will DJ between performances.

The host of the event Justin Salinas wrote in an email that he takes his role seriously.

“Emsie is there to make it easy and look great,” he wrote in an email. “I’ll make sure everyone’s drunk enough to think I’m funny and hot.”

Salinas first joined Pride Art After Dark in 2019, serving as a salesman for his Cake It With Justin cake and cookie business. Serving as an Emsie now feels like a “full circle.”

“It’s always exciting to be part of events that highlight and support the LGBTQIA community,” he wrote. “We need these events to continue to raise so many people who often feel disenfranchised and discriminated against simply because they are what they are.

“As a gay business owner in this community, it is not only a pleasure for me, but also my duty to remind people that we exist and become more and more fierce.”

The evening will also include suppliers of craft threads for Luvspun candy and food trucks Get It Twisted (spirally sliced ​​fried potato skewers) and The Teppanyaki Guys. The trucks will be located on the alley east of the garden of the museum’s sculptures, and there will be tables and chairs in the banquet space so that guests can sit and eat in a cooler space.

Moo Creamery will provide cocktails made with brands – Tom of Finland Vodka and Puncher’s Chance Bourbon – provided by Wolf Spirits Distillery, which sponsors the event along with Moneywise Wealth Management, City Councilor Andrea Gonzalez, A La Ritz Drag Brunch Extravaganza and Pedego Bakersfield.

Drinks will include fresh Moo juices with options, including vodka watermelon lemonade (also available as a cocktail); bourbon with fresh lime, fresh orange and honey; and vodka with carrot juice, fresh ginger, coconut milk and lime.

Beer and hard celery will also be available.

Guests can also tour the current exhibitions – “Personal to Political: A Celebration of African American Artists by Paulson Fontaine Press”, “Under the Sky of Kern County: Prapat Sirinavarat” and “Exploring the Figure: Selections from the BMoA Permanent Collection” – or create some own art.

The designs include a Unity bracelet that you can make yourself, allowing attendees to customize their design with colored beads.

The other practical craft is an eraser, which Gonzalez said he hopes guests will really get creative with. There will be different shapes of the erasing board, including hearts, circles and stars.

Participants can create an image by removing the darkness with a sharpened tool to reveal a vivid color background.

Gonzalez said: “Art has always celebrated freedom of expression and creativity, so it just felt like the perfect combination for Art After Dark to end National Pride Month, celebrating the LGBTQ + community, which has always been a hero of self-expression. I hope that with this event all guests feel welcome, safe, celebrated and, of course, have a great time! ”

Salinas also sees value in creative expression.

“Creativity and self-expression were and still are my only way to survive in this world,” he wrote. “Like me and many others, it’s important to play with every pastel in the coloring box, and the LGBTQIA community does it flawlessly. Name a better man who wears a wig better than a drag queen? I’ll wait.”

The annual event is the museum’s most popular after-hours experience, with around 700 people attending last year.

Gonzalez said: “Our capacity will continue to keep the space fun and enjoyable for the guests present, a comfortable space for everyone to enjoy.”

He urges people to buy tickets in advance for both the value ($ 5 versus $ 10 on the day of the event) and the possibility of no tickets available at the door.

“We are constantly pushing as hard as we can to buy tickets in advance. This event will be sold out.”

Those who do not want to worry about parking their car can travel by car or bicycle, and Pedego Bakersfield and Bike Bakersfield offer a bicycle service for participants.

Stephanie Diaz can be found at 661-395-7488. Follow her on Twitter: @realstefanidias.

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