Ranking of the best reserve NFL QB for 2022: Jimmy Garopolo of 49ers tops the list of veterans № 2

Quarterbacks are always talks in the NFL and this year there is no shortage of stellar strength in the position. Just think about The 10 best alarm callers for 2022, a vintage led by the ageless Tom Brady, but full of young, ascending playmakers. But what happens when big names fall? Injuries are recorded every year and, unfortunately, this includes the QB position.

But which teams are best prepared to withstand a loss below the center? Here’s a look at the best backups in the league:

Note: More QB (33) than teams (32) are listed, because we expect at least one of Baker Mayfield or Jimmy Garopolo to be changed and start working before the 2022 season.

The youth

Tyler Huntley


We rank the recent high draft elections (from 2020) separately from the others just because they are very different from career number 2. For example, if our starter falls, we could bet more on Jordan Love than, say, , on the experience of Andy Dalton. But we can also prefer the proven veterinarian for one or two important beginnings. Here is how we will rank the young people:

6. Matt Coral (Panthers)

He seems to have the necessary confidence and mobility, but how quickly can / will he establish himself in the NFL?

5. Desmond Reeder (Falcons)

It can be a challenge to separate him from the Falcons recovery team. Will his confidence become consistent?

4. Jordan Love (Packers)

We’ve only seen one real game from him and he’s still developing his vision, but at 23, with a good size and a legitimate hand, we still like his potential as a great passer.

3. Malik Willis (Titans)

Like Love, he is almost completely unknown, but he also has some strange athletic qualities. In his case, it is not only about the laser arm, but also about the electric legs. After all, these types of gifts can mask other shortcomings.

2. Kenny Pickett (Steelers)

He is thought to be safe rather than a special prospect, but the man has done well with very few things in and around Pittsburgh and can start for the Steelers’ caliber playoff team as a rookie.

1. Tyler Huntley (The Ravens)

No, he’s not Lamar Jackson, but he’s a perfect replacement in Baltimore, where he’s shown in limited sample sizes that he can throw confidently and create space on the ground. It’s not that bad to have athlete as an urgent refill.

The best of vets

Jimmy Garopolo


10. Tyrod Taylor (Giants)

New York is overpaying, given that he struggles to stay healthy, coming off the bench in recent years, and is not very accurate, despite the tendency to pass a short zone. However, he has been a regular starter before and can move.

9. Andy Dalton (Saint)

He did not publish a winning record like QB in seven years. He still throws a lot of kicks, despite the increasingly “safe” approach. But you also can’t teach 148 games at the beginning and he has proven that he can handle the talent around him.

8. Jacoby Brisset (Browns)

Like Taylor and Dalton, he somehow manages to be both conservative and relatively ineffective during prolonged action. But he adapted quickly to sudden career changes and showed that with the Colts can be a borderline playoff caliber with good support.

7. Case Keenum (Accounts)

Keenum is creating problems with his shooting style, but he is also expanding the game and beating his teammates in the same way. A true journeyman, after starting in Minnesota and Denver, he would have been a better backup plan for the Browns in 2022, who chose Brice as the likely replacement for Deshon Watson.

6. Taylor Heinike (commanders)

Washington got the full Heinicke experience in 2022: energetic, exciting and lively. It is best suited for heavy-duty or short-range attacks, but its mobility, mobility and desire to try big throws make it one of the more tempting starters in emergencies.

5. Gardner Minshaw (Eagles)

The size and strength of the hand may never be there, but this man is a prototype № 2, radiating arrogance, flashing athleticism and advertising a lot of touch in the field. In 27 career games with the recovery of the Eagles and Jaguars, he threw 42 touchdowns at just 12 spades.

4. Nick Falls (Colts)

His disappearance in 2021 is an accusation against the bears, who chose the more expensive Andy Dalton as the predecessor of Justin Fields. Forles and his big hand are fickle and he needs protection from the front. But few spare QBs were calmer, collected and ready to make throws in a narrow window at the last moment when called.

3. Teddy Bridgewater (Dolphins)

He has never been more than a full-time worker, offering a steady hand in big throws. But he is loved, generally punctual, avoids mostly killer turns, and has led several winning series in talented lineups. Most teams would like to have him in their locker rooms, as long as he enters the center only for a selected number of matches.

2. Baker Mayfield (Browns)

It is still the starting material. Yes, he was on a rocky trajectory, going from brave to careless to underrated to beaten for four years as a Cleveland man. His ceiling can be a defender of a tough approach that removes pressure from his good but cut arm. But there is no doubt that at 26 he still belongs somewhere for the last audition as number 1.

1. Jimmy Garopolo (49ers)

Like Mayfield, who plans to move before the start of the season, Jimmy G has so far been a midfielder, thriving more when the weight is not on his hand, but rather on the system in which he plays guard. He is also really struggling to stay healthy. And yet, at its best, it is a prototype pocket pass that can make all the throws with deep experience in the playoffs.

The remains

These guys make up the majority of the reserve QB in the NFL and, frankly, they are not much divided. Of course, you can bet on each other, but at the end of the day you hope not to have to see a long action. They are listed approximately in order of preference:

Colt McCoy (cardinals), Drew Locke / Geno Smith (Seahawks), Chad Henne (chiefs), Chase Daniel (Chargers), CJ Beathard (Jaguars), Brandon Allen (Bengali), Josh Johnson / Brett Ripien (Broncos), Kyle Allen (Texans), Blaine Gabert (Buccaneers), Trevor Seaman (Bears), Brian Hoyer (patriots), Joe Flaco (jets), Jarrett Steadham (raiders), Cooper Rush (cowboys), John Ulford (rams), Sean Manion (Vikings), David Blow (lions)

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