Rapids have a positive outlook for the upcoming season

Watertown, New York (WWNY) – Watertown Rapids were on their way on Saturday, facing the Dutch in Albany in a double game. Albany will beat Watertown 3-0 in the first match and finish the cleanup with a 9-1 victory in Game 2.

For Rapids, this was an encouraging start to the 2022 season.

The Rapids headed to a double on Saturday with a record 2-3, after a heavy 9-8 loss to Geneva on Friday night.

The attack was not a problem for Rapids in their first 5 games, scoring 24 runs and all losses from Rapids 3 were in one run.

Manager Mike Kohut says he is pleased with his team’s performance in the first week of the season.

“We managed to win 4 games in the beginning. The Pitchers are definitely a little ahead of the attack, I think in the whole league, but I expect that to change as the tires on their hands get tired and the boys start playing more live with wooden club bats, ”said Kohut.

Kohut says the only thing that impressed him the most was one thing that was the team’s Achilles’ heel last year: the pass.

“Definitely how great the pitchers came out, throwing for us. I want to say that our team did a great job in the first 4 games and kept us in every game and this can be seen in the final results, “said Kohut.

For some players, the transition from college baseball to summer university baseball season is a challenge, and they say switching from playing games 3 to 4 times a week to a schedule that sees them on the field every day takes little use, both mentally and physically. .

“Yes, it’s actually a little different from a college point of view, because we usually play games in the back. We have two heads probably 3 days a week. The summer ball is almost every day and then one day. It’s a big difference, but you know, it’s – if you do it right and take care of your body, it’s nothing too drastic, “said hunter Elvis Lopez.

“It’s hard for the body to play here every day, I won’t lie. But I love him. We need a lot of repetitions to bring everyone together in the team. The race we see here is much better because we see a lot of D-1 guys that we don’t actually see during our college season, “said Tyree Bradley.

With a new manager and coaches made up of former and current baseball coaches locally, players from last year’s team say they see a different attitude and direction in the team both on and off the field.

“I think there is a little more organization in the whole team. Everyone knows where to be, there is a little more communication between everyone. I think this group is a little more cohesive than we were last year. I think this is a good group and I think we will have success later in the season, “said field defender Brett Myers.

Another day and another state title for senior Colton Kempney of Beaver River at the State Athletics Association of New York State Championships.

On Saturday morning, Kempney won the 3000 meters steeplechase in Division 2 and finished 3rd overall with a time of 9: 04.79, surpassing his best time by 16 seconds.

Kempney’s high school career is not over yet, next weekend he will compete at the New Balance Nationals in Philadelphia at 2 miles on Friday and a mile on Sunday.

The athletes from section 10 also performed well in the state championships in athletics.

For boys:

Ansen Herik of Potsdam is 5th in the triple jump, 10th in the long jump, 12th in the 400 and 15th in the 200, but less than a second away from medal contests.

Theo Hughes from Potsdam was 4th in the shot put in pentathlon.

Nick Lindacker from Canton was third in the 3,200-meter dash.

Canton’s Max Finley finished 6th in the steeplechase run.

Canton’s 3,200-meter relay team of Lindacker, Finley, Miles Gendebien and Hayden Brag finished 6th.

In the girls’ competition. Maddie Dinin of Norwood-Norfolk took medals for 5th place in the steeplechase and 6th in the 800m, while finishing 11th in the 1500m.

Sharon Colbert of the Flyers finished 8th in the 3,000-meter dash.

Norwood Norfolk’s relay team of Colbert, Rachel Huey, Ali Snell and Madison Karista was 8th in the 4×800.

Oliver Ellis of Tupper Lake was 6th in pentathlon, including 5th in the high jump.

After 27 years, the fight returned to the campus of the University of St. Lawrence, albeit only for the weekend.

The university hosted a gathering of former saint fighters for 3 days of activities.

The program, which was discontinued after the 1995-96 season, was one of the best Division 3 programs in the country and there were several wrestlers who won national titles, with the team winning the D-3 crown in 1988.

“When we were here, St. Lawrence Wrestling was probably the most successful program in the history of this school with a rich tradition of national championships, national individual champions, many All-American. Although this weekend is not about the program not being here, this weekend is about getting together, seeing friends and family we haven’t seen in 20-30 years, and just reconnecting with people we are. missed and loved the years, ”said Pat Connors, a member of the 1988 Division 3 national championship team.

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