Rick’s Reviews Rick Bentley interviewed the cast and crew of The Bear.

BAKERSFIELD, California (KGET) – The titles of some TV shows – such as “The Summer I Became Beautiful” or “Fear of the Walking Dead” – leave no doubt about the nature of the program. This is definitely not the case with the new FX series “The Bear”, which should debut in Hulu.

It could be anything from Alabama football coach Paul Bryant’s life story to an Alaska nature show. Neither is even close.

The Bear, Hulu’s June 23 debut, is a family drama set against the culinary world. Carmen Bermato (Jeremy Allen White) is a young chef who leaves the world of fine dining to return home to Chicago to run his family’s sandwich shop.

Executive producer / writer Joanna Kahlo says: “In terms of putting the show in the afterlife, we had the feeling that there was no show yet that really showed authentic cuisine and that there was room to tell some stories that people hoped would connect with both people who love food, love food shows, and people who work in restaurants.

“I think there are a lot of people who will recognize themselves in our show.”

Kahlo believes that viewers who have had to take on a job or family responsibility and have found themselves in a very different world will be connected to her series. The “bear” is about food, family and the madness of grinding.

In terms of acting, White had little time between working on the final season of Shameless and starting work on The Bear. He managed to find enough to prepare for the role of the young chef, spending hours in professional kitchens.

He says: “The preparation I did was quite extensive. I was very useless in the kitchen. I’m fine now. This is due to going to a culinary school in Pasadena. I worked in some really wonderful restaurants, mostly a restaurant called Pasjoli in Santa Monica. I spent a lot of time there with chef Dave Byrne.

“What I like now that I’ve learned some things is that I love to cook for my wife. I love to cook for my children. It was as if I understood cooking as another form of communication or care, as caring for people, and I liked that. ”

White and the rest of the cast had to have some culinary skills, because the series was put together to make the cooking elements as real as possible, including time dishes, so that they were ready in time for the stage. The actors were allowed to improvise in the kitchen, and if a mistake was made – such as dropping a knife or a plate – the cameras kept spinning.

“Bear” executive producer Mattie Mathison – who worked as a chef – has a recurring role in the series. He jokes that he started dreaming about the kitchen during the filming of the series.

“We were trying to do something that I don’t think was done that often. We are literally trying to cook in real time. And again, trying to have a dish at a certain point in preparation and then repeat that shot, sometimes we have to take the time to get it back there, ”says Mathison. “The actors cooked everything. We set the stage, and then the actors cooked, slaughtered and prepared Miss An place. ”

The role in “The Bear” is White’s first major acting work far from “Shameless” in a decade. He was looking for a series that would take him in a whole new direction. The fact that “Bear” is developing in the culinary world was a huge attraction for him, because he always wanted to learn more about cooking.

White also fell in love with his character when he first read the script. The hero broke his heart because Karmi looks very lost and lonely.

“His identity is so overwhelmed by the fact that he’s a chef at the moment and he’s successful, and everything seems to be so life or death all the time,” says White. “I really think Karmi thinks that if he doesn’t succeed in this, his life will end.

“It’s something I don’t feel so much anymore, but as a younger man and a younger actor, I think sometimes my identity was certainly very much enveloped by acting and what I do, and I don’t know how well I knew myself. you’re out of it. “

In addition to White, this half-hour comedy stars Ibn Mos-Bahrah, Ayo Edebiri, Abby Elliott, Lionel Boyce and Lisa Colon-Zayas.

The strange name “Bear” was produced for the FX cable channel, but all eight episodes will be available only through the Hulu streaming service.

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