Ridgefielder’s truck enthusiast business expands seven times in New Milford

NEW MILFORD – Matt Binen, owner of BuiltRight Industries, said he and his team are always inventing new inventions.

One of them is a nightstand system, which he said his mother described to his friends as “California lockers for your truck,” Beenen, 35, said of the business, which is expanding into a building in New Milford that will be more than seven times its existing space of 4,000 square feet.

BuiltRight, the truck and off-road access design and manufacturing business at 53 Commerce Drive in Brookfield, is moving to 40 Still River Drive in New Milford, a 30,000-square-foot building.

The new site, which is being built by Claris Design Build, is expected to open by the end of autumn.

Beneen received special approval from the city of New Milford to build a structure of this size.

BuiltRight will use his a new headquarters to carry out all research and development, production and distribution activities, said Benin, a father of two young daughters.

The area in which the building will be built is located on a commercial site that has not been inhabited before.

“Matt and his team will cover about 20,000 square feet of space,” said Mike Kozlowski, CEO of Claris Design Build. “We are preparing for 10,000 square meters of future space for tenants, which will go online relatively soon.”

The new building will have office space where the team will perform engineering, customer service and marketing.

There will be a glass garage door in the front lobby, “so we can drive a car and park it in the lobby, either for engineering or for a little showroom,” Benin said.

Claris Design Build and BuiltRight Industries plan to hold a groundbreaking ceremony for the new plant at 10 a.m. on June 10.


BuiltRight, which launched in 2017 from Beenen’s basement when he lived in Minnesota, was founded out of necessity.

He was looking for a device that provided access to the hidden storage space behind the back seat of his Ford truck.

“I would have just ordered (the device), but it was not available,” he said.

“So, since I’m a mechanical engineer, I decided to do one. I designed it and I had 50 made, ”said Benin, who moved to Ridgefield in 2019 to be closer to his family.

He sold the device, which he called the release of the back seat, to five friends – and collapsed.

“Then I had these extra 40 around and I decided to put them on a small website. And I posted about it on Facebook. “I sold most of them that night, and one thing led to another,” he said. “So the first production of the product cost me just under $ 1,200 – and that’s the only money I’ve ever invested in this business.”

The product is a constant bestseller with tens of thousands sold, he said.


When BuiltRight moved to its Brookfield space in 2019, Beneen said he thought they would be comfortable there for five to seven years. The business has an additional 4,000 square feet of overflow space nearby, which is used for storage.

About a year ago, however, he felt he had “hit the capacity.”

“We sit side by side and work side by side, so we just step on the water until we can get into this new building,” he said.

The business, which delivers to customers around the world, has served 50,000 customers so far.

When looking for a city to expand his business, Benin said he noticed that there are many activities, businesses and car enthusiasts in the Danbury, Brookfield and New Milford areas.

From an observation point alone, as I drive through New Milford, I see a lot of pickups, so obviously we’d like to win people’s business, but more importantly, I think there will be some really great employees and team members. in the area, “he said.

Benin said he likes to come up with interesting new solutions to people’s problems.

He holds a number of issued and pending patents and attributes this to business growth.

“I’m a mechanical engineer and so we’re kind of an inventive engineering company,” he said.

He and his employees are also enthusiasts of cars and trucks – so they have a deep interest in the needs of their customers, he said.

“Our idea for fun on Saturday is to work on a truck or whatever,” Benin said.

He said the products the company is developing are for the average person to install without assistance.

“You don’t drill holes or anything like that,” he said. “So an ordinary, normal person with a simple, basic set of tools can install our products.”

He said many of his best products come from a customer who says something like, “Hey, can you think of a way to mount a cell phone to the dashboard without drilling holes or anything?”

When people come up with an idea and if they don’t want to do it themselves or if they can’t do it themselves, “they’ll email me and say, ‘I’m not looking for anything, but I’d love to be a product tester. Here’s an idea, “he said.

“We have the experience and skills to implement these ideas,” he added.

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