Roman Reigns talks about Vince McMahon retiring, Triple H taking over creative direction

1. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns joins me on the latest edition of the SI Media Podcast and shared some insight on a host of topics including Vince McMahon’s shock retirement, Triple H (Paul Leveque) taking over as head of creative, Reigns’ new reduced schedule, possible Wrestling mania a match with The Rock, what it’s like to work with Paul Heyman, the speed of a promo vs. the speed of a big shot, selling tons of merchandise, and more.

Here’s a sampling of highlights from the podcast:

  • His first thought when he heard Vince McMahon was retiring:

“It was hard to believe. I think along with everybody who followed this business or was in this business, I thought that when I’m long gone, I’ll be 20 years retired and Vince will still be running the show. I think [my reaction] it was just kind of “Ah, we’ll see. We’ll see in six months. That was the mindset I adopted initially. Then I got the talent connections text message. And then an apparently personal message from him. We talked a little.”

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