Sadie Robertson Huff reflects on the unhealthy relationship with fitness

Sadie Robertson Huff says motherhood has changed the way she feels about her body. (Photo: Getty Images)

Sadie Robertson Huff gained a new perspective when it comes to her body after becoming a mother.

The 25-year-old talks all about fitness and body image in the latest episode of WOW, this is a good podcast with her personal trainers and reflected on the difficulty of getting back into the gym after struggling with an eating disorder. The former Duck Dynasty star has been open about her struggles in the past, sharing that she was hyper-obsessed with her appearance and the calories in all her food. After giving birth to her daughter Honey in May 2021, Huff dedicated herself to forming a better relationship with her body.

“Coming out of it, I was afraid to work out because I was afraid it would suck me back into that hole. Because to me, looks were such a thing,” she said. “I think it was something where I was just very hard on myself and so when I was working out I think I noticed my body more and so I was afraid of being sucked into that.”

Huff went on to explain what her relationship with fitness looked like in the past and how she got dangerously involved with activity trackers.

“I had a FitBit and it’s like 10,000 steps. I thought, “I need to do 20,000 steps,” and if I didn’t do 20,000 steps, I was going to beat myself up about it and the whole thing. I just had to get rid of it for a season,” she explained. “I’m just going to take the FitBit away. Even though I loved it and it was fun, I was like, OK, that’s not healthy for me right now.”

Although she has come to accept her difficult journey with her body image, Huff previously told Yahoo Life that she was pleasantly surprised when pregnancy allowed her to embrace her body in new ways as it changed and grew. instead of criticizing him. After settling into motherhood, Huff found that her daughter continued to inspire her to stay on this path. She told her trainers that with their help, her “attitude has changed” when it comes to training.

“It used to be about how I looked, but it wasn’t about that at all. It was really about what my body was capable of and how strong I was getting. And I told you this, whenever I came, I was like, I have two goals. One of them is to do a pull-up, which I’m still working on … and the second thing was I want to be able to easily put Honey’s seat in the car,” Huff said. “The heavier she gets, I want to be able to do that with ease and I can do it. I thought, this is great. All the things I was doing with Honey, I was just, you know, I’m young and I can handle this and I can get the seat in the car, but it was more soon about wanting to do it with strength. I want to do it with ease. I want to be the best mom I can be and part of that, to me, is looking like healthy. So just that change was so beautiful that I could come in and it wasn’t because of my looks, but really because of the strength I was gaining.”

Huff announced in early November that she was pregnant with her second child — another girl — with husband Christian. During this pregnancy, she feels more comfortable in her body and her relationship with exercise.

“Now, in the season I’m in, I just asked Christian for an Apple Watch for our anniversary because I’m in a solid place. I can do it and it would be fine for me. It will actually help me stay healthy and on track, especially during this pregnancy,” she said. “I think sometimes you have to make decisions about the season you’re in because you have to be responsible for knowing your health and where you’re at and your mental state.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, call National Eating Disorders Association hotline at 1-800-931-2237.

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