Sarah, Duchess of York goes Web 3.0, launches digital art gallery

MIAMI, December 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BLKPRL Studios, Candy Studios and Nifty Gateway, announced the opening of “Duchess Gallery” digital art collection of Nifty Gateway curated by Sarah, Duchess of York. The Digital Art Gallery, in partnership with Nifty Gateway will feature collaborative exhibits from acclaimed artists in the digital art world, featuring spoken word poetry combined with animated paintings, artificial intelligence art, new media and special effects to create cinematic fine art that allows new forms of storytelling to break through .

“As technology advances, traditional aesthetics can find new life in this modern viral world. I am excited to collaborate with established artists and also highlight emerging artists around the world to expand my passion for storytelling through art.” Sarah FergusonDuchess of York.

“Duchess Gallery” provides an incredible opportunity to reimagine the classics in our modern world. As the Pre-Raphaelite movement in the visual arts through England in 1800 was greatly inspired by the works of John Keats and John Ruskinand their French counterparts such as the poet Charles Baudelaire, new technologies and engagement with digital culture provide an opportunity to develop and connect visual art and literature with cinematic fine art, maintaining traditional aesthetics within contemporary culture.

“I intend to collaborate and feature artists from all over the world. I am particularly interested in highlighting artists from impoverished nations who may not otherwise have the opportunity to showcase their talent on a world stage.” Sarah FergusonDuchess of York.

“Seeing the duchess of York entering the digital art space is an incredible affirmation for the medium. We couldn’t be more excited to host this gorgeous, exciting collection from the Duchess of York on Nifty Gateway.” Griffin Cocke Fosterfounder Nifty Gateway

All gallery exhibits will be produced by Sarah Fergusonduchess of York in collaboration with BLKPRL Studios and Candy Studios.

“We are thrilled to add The Duchess Gallery to our studio’s product list and for Sarah FergusonThe Duchess of York to lead the gallery’s curatorial responsibilities. The Duchess is an art lover, best-selling author and advocate, and it is exciting to combine art, technology and storytelling to create cinematic fine art in this growing digital art space.” Randy Levyfounder, BLKPRL Studios, LLC.

The Duchess Gallery provides an opportunity for Sarah, Duchess of York who is deeply committed to empowering others, not only collaborating with the best artists in the digital art space, but also discovering and spotlighting emerging artistic talent around the world.” Brian GoldFounder Candy Studios, LLC.

An exhibition of modern romantics entitled “Door to myself”a never-before-seen reimagining of the Romantic movement in poetry and visual art will be announced and shown during Art Basel 2022 and Miami Art Week 2022.

“Door to myself” is an introspective audiovisual collaboration between Sarah Fergusonduchess of York, David Chaifetz, Lawrence Fuller, Jenny PasanenMatthies and Tanya Rivilis.

The exhibition will be opened on December 22, 2022 on Nifty Gateway. You can find the exhibition at For the most up-to-date information, follow @DuchessGallery @SarahTheDuchess @BLKPRLStudios and @niftygateway on Twitter.

For Sarah, Duchess of York: The Duchess of York is a global humanitarian, businesswoman, best-selling author, producer and health advocate. She founded Children in Crisis in 1993 and the charity has educated over 1.4 million children, trained over 18,000 teachers, built 57 schools and supports hundreds of schools annually. CIC recently merged with Street Child and The Duchess is founder and patron, remaining active in her mission to provide education to forgotten children around the world. She recently returned from visiting Street Child projects in Nepal and Sierra Leone, supporting the most marginalized in education and getting out of slave labor. In 2020, the Duchess founded her new charitable trust, Sarah’s Trust, and in June 2021 she became an international ambassador for Montessori.

About Nifty Gateway: Nifty Gateway is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to buy, sell and store digital art and collectibles. Nifty Gateway was founded by Duncan and Griffin Cocke Foster in 2018 and acquired by Gemini in 2019, with the belief that crypto networks and blockchain have the power to fundamentally change the art world by creating greater choice, independence and opportunity for artists, creators and collectors. You can buy NFT with credit card on Nifty Gateway.

About BLKPRL Studios & Candy Studios: BLKPRL Studios and Candy Studios produce curated collections of digital art created by and in collaboration with famous artists, celebrities, musicians and charities.

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