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ALBANY, N.Y. — U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer visited the Albany Nanotechnology Complex on Monday to celebrate the bipartisan CHIPS and Science bill that passed Congress and is expected to be signed by President Joe Biden in the coming days , providing new investment in the nation’s semiconductor industry and in research and development and innovation that can support thousands of local jobs.

The bill would also create America’s first National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC). Schumer, D-NY, noted the bill’s importance in increasing domestic chip production to help lower the cost of items such as cars, appliances and phones, and to help develop military equipment.

A key component of the bill is to ensure that American companies buy those chips made for their products in America as well.

“Companies lobbied for it. When some of our Republican friends wouldn’t do it, we had the heads of all the big companies call senators. Companies want to be here in America, but if Europe or China offers them huge incentives and we say you’re on your own, they’ll go there, but they want to be here, all things being equal, they want to be here and that bill says they’re going to stay here,” Schumer noted.

Schumer also kept his focus on Albany as the epicenter of the NSTC when drafting the bill.

“When I wrote the language in the National Semiconductor Technical Center bill, I said I had a six-letter word in mind when I wrote it, ‘ALBANY,’ we’re going to get it, and it’s going to be a game changer,” Schumer exclaimed.

Schumer also explained how the bill would be an economic driver for the metropolitan region, which not only houses the Albany Nanotechnology Complex, but also GlobalFoundries in Malta.

“The passage of the CHIPS bill is an incredible blow to the metropolitan region, to jobs, and ensures that the region’s future will be even greater than its past. That’s because this bill is so important. The bill will build more chip factories here in the US, and upstate New York is well positioned to become a leader in new chip factories, and I’m working hard to make that happen. The bill also creates a national center for semiconductor technology research and development. He will be a world leader. I’m here to say that I’m going to use my influence as majority leader to make sure that it comes here in Albany and in this facility right here,” Schumer said.

“There’s also NSTC, the National Semiconductor Technology Center. For the United States to remain number one in the world, we must lead the way when it comes to research. The federal government decided there should be a national center to lead this research. Some individual companies want it, but it doesn’t have to be in an individual company because they will use the research for themselves. The beauty of the center here is that it combines different companies, different universities and different government agencies together. So the great research done here will spread,” Schumer noted.

“It’s amazing, Albany, the metropolitan region, can become a world center for new chip research, and that will mean not only 1,000 more jobs here, but it will mean companies will want to locate here.” We are trying to get the chip factories to locate upstate. One of the reasons they want to come here is this center right here,” Schumer added.

Doug Grose, past chair of NY CREATES and leader of the American Semiconductor Innovation Coalition.

SUNY Chancellor Debra Stanley.

Ryan Silva, President, New York loves nanotechnology.
Ryan Silva, President, New York loves nanotechnology.
Peter Bennion, Fab 8 Senior Vice President and General Manager, GLOBALFOUNDRIES.
Peter Bennion, Fab 8 Senior Vice President and General Manager, GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

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