Scientific talk – ASCO 2022: Cancer researchers come together for a face-to-face meeting


Leading world cancer researchers will gather in Chicago from June 3 to 7 for the annual ASCO meeting – the first to be held in person since the Covid-19 pandemic. We are looking forward to some of the highlights of the ICR research that will be presented at this year’s meeting.

Published on May 30, 2022

by Gege Lee

Starting Friday, researchers at the Cancer Research Institute in London will be part of a global crowd of cancer scientists and clinicians attending and presenting at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in Chicago.

ASCO is perhaps the biggest event on the cancer calendar, and this year’s conference is once again in person after two years of virtual events, a welcome indication that the world is returning to normal after Covid-19. The conference will also be available online, with access to the full program via live streaming and on-demand sessions.

The topic of this year’s meeting is Promoting equitable cancer care through innovationfocusing on the latest scientific advances and discoveries in cancer care that will help improve patients’ lives and contribute to a fairer future, whether through new innovations or smarter use of existing treatments.

We will highlight some of the research presented by researchers at ICR and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust on the eve of ASCO 2022 – as well as release some exciting research from the conference. Please check our landing page for ASCO 2022 for more information and updates.

Here are some of ASCO’s summaries of our researchers:

Poster sessions

  • Summary 1019, on biomarkers in the cohort of the PEARL trial, comparing palbocyclib and fulvestrant against capecitabine, presented by Dr. Javier Pascual
  • Summary 5041, on alkaline phosphatase reduction and survival in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer treated with radium-223, presented by Professor Nick James
  • Summary 8512, of pembrolizumab versus placebo for fully resected early-stage non-small cell lung cancer, presented by Professor Mary O’Brien
  • Summary TPS2691, of a Phase I CBL-B Inhibitor Test in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumor Malignancies, presented by Dr. Adam Sharp
  • Summary TPS2704, in a phase I test on a virus expressing an antibody as a single agent and combined with level lumab in a patient with advanced solid tumors, presented by Professor Kevin Harrington
  • Summary TPS2705, a phase I trial study of RP3 virus as a single agent and combined with level lumab in patients with solid tumors, presented by Professor Kevin Harrington
  • Summary TPS9158, on a study on the safety and efficacy of inupadentan in combination with chemotherapy for metastatic non-small cell lung cancer, presented by Professor Mary O’Brien
  • Summary TPS9159, a phase III trial of pralsetinib for advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer presented by Professor Sanjay Popat

Sessions and panels

In addition, ICR researchers will chair or speak at the following sessions and panels:

  • Educational session for a combination of immunotherapy and radiation therapy for the treatment of head and neck cancer, led by Professor Kevin Harrington
  • Educational session on best approaches and updates for prostate cancer recurrence, with lecturer Professor Chris Parker
  • Summary 1009 on mutations and acquired fulvestrant resistance in the plazmaMATCH study presented by Dr. Belinda Kingston
  • Symposium on Biomarkers Beyond Histology in Sarcoma Clinical Trials, discussed by Dr. Paul Huang
  • Symposium on the Usefulness of Genomics for Directing Treatment in Breast Cancer Patients, discussed by Professor Nick Turner
  • Long-Term Survival Data Panel for Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors, hosted by Dr. Samra Turajlic

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