Scientists dismiss Coyote Peterson’s ‘large primate skull’ discovery as fake

A “large primate skull” was allegedly found in British Columbia by American YouTuber Coyote Peterson, according to social media (opens in new tab) publications (opens in new tab) he shared on Thursday (July 7). In those posts, Peterson wrote that he hid the discovery “for several weeks” from government officials and anyone else who might “try to stop [sic] our footage” of the dig. However, experts told Live Science that Peterson’s claim is highly suspect and that the clandestine extraction and transport of animal remains across national borders may be illegal.

“I’m sure these photos will be taken down…as will probably the video by the government or state park officials…but the skull is safe,” the posts said. “I don’t know if it’s what you all think it might be…but I can’t explain finding a primate skull in northwestern Pak without wondering! What do you believe?” (There are no great primates currently living in North America – other than humans – and although stories of elusive forest-dwelling hominids such as big step have existed for centuries, there is no evidence to suggest that such creatures exist.)

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