Scope AR announces new 3D testing and assessment technology to transform workforce training and development

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Scope AR announced today at DevLearn 2022 the launch of WorkLink Quizzing, a powerful Augmented Reality (AR) tool to accelerate and measure competency for hands-on procedures. With WorkLink Quizzing, businesses can build and deploy the next generation of learning and development content for their workforce while reducing the costs associated with traditional instructor-led learning (ILT) without compromising learning outcomes. WorkLink Quizzing is now available as part of Scope AR’s WorkLink platform for enterprise augmented reality.

“WorkLink Quizzing is ushering in an era of engaging content for learning and development practitioners by providing a set of tools that allow virtually anyone to create an augmented reality quiz or quiz with no coding knowledge required,” said Scott Montgomery, co-founder and CEO, Scope AR. “By adding these assessment and evaluation tools to our WorkLink platform, organizations are able to quickly hire, train and screen employees anywhere in the world. It’s like an instructor is instantly in the room with them.”

Within the training and development industry, the gold standard has always been personal training. However, it is expensive and challenging to deliver and administer, often requiring learners to travel to centralized training centres. Existing distance learning solutions have been able to reduce travel and increase frequency; however, they struggle to achieve equivalent results with 2D methods (paper, video, PDF or website) due to low learner engagement and lack of critical spatial context. These challenges are particularly problematic for critical practical procedures in aerospace, manufacturing, and medical device manufacturing.

WorkLink Quizzing addresses these challenges by providing a new, highly engaging environment and 3D immersion that replicates the spatial cues of in-person learning. Interns consistently report positive experiences using WorkLink Quizzing. Additionally, the WorkLink platform and its component applications provide all the components needed to make it easy for any instructional designer to develop an augmented reality module without requiring extensive programming knowledge or 3D experience. Study modules and tests are published instantly on multiple devices and platforms, including smartphones, tablets and wearables.

Instructional designers can also access WorkLink Quizzing’s powerful assessment and grading data, which includes quiz or knowledge check completion, graded scores, pass-fail status, test duration, and retake attempts. Data and other relevant information are easily integrated into SCORM-compliant learning management systems (LMS) through WorkLink’s API.

“I have spent my career delivering new technologies to leading learning and development organizations. WorkLink Quizzing is the most engaging and effective training technology I’ve ever seen, and our training customers have told me there’s “no going back,” said Darin Medeiros, VP of Sales. “I believe the AR learning experience will surpass passive click-tell-and-test methods that we know lack engagement and efficiency, while still providing the reach of distance learning.”

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About Scope AR

Scope AR is the pioneer of enterprise-class augmented reality solutions, providing the industry’s only cross-platform AR tools to empower frontline workers with the knowledge they need, when they need it. The company is revolutionizing the way businesses work and collaborate by offering a visual “knowledge base” solution that enables effective and efficient knowledge sharing to perform complex remote tasks, train employees, assemble products and equipment, support and repair, field and customer support and More ▼.

The WorkLink platform offers a complete end-to-end augmented reality application suite that supports smartphones, tablets and wearables and can accept any CAD model format. WorkLink makes it easy for leading organizations like Johnson & Johnson, Mitsubishi, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell and others to quickly scale the use of AR for every remote technician.

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