Screens to join MENA’s leading language technology and services firm, Tarjama Group

Tarjama, the leading provider of language technology and services in the MENA region, acquires Screens, the largest subtitling, dubbing and localization company in the region, expanding Tarjama’s offering to include these vital media services.

Founded in 1991 in Lebanon, Screens has grown into the powerhouse subtitling and dubbing company it is today, working with major clients both in the region and around the world. This acquisition is a strategic addition to Tarjama’s range of services as the company continues to enter new markets with its diverse offerings.

Tarjama founder Noor Al Hassan said: “With this significant acquisition, Tarjama adds a new game-changing vertical to its range of services. Subtitling and dubbing services will always be in high demand in our region, with the growing need for Arabic content, which has a variety of more than 20 dialects. With prospects for growth and success in the media industry in the MENA region and beyond, we are confident and excited about this new chapter.”

“Screens stands out in the region with its unmatched quality of service,” said Joseph Akiki, founder of Screens, “over the years we have supported clients with the highest quality, lowest error rate, 24/7 responsiveness and fastest turnaround , which allowed us to win all the key accounts in the region. Screens was a major player in the development of the localization industry in the Levant and led the way in creating language adaptation guidelines that media companies still work with today. The company supports more than 40 language pairs and dialects and is a leader in live and semi-live localization. The company has recently expanded into Europe and North America through its offices in Paris and Montreal.

Noor Al Hassan and her team have an ambitious vision for 2025, which includes continuing to develop Tarjama’s suite of language AI products and expanding to 5 new locations to have 11 locations by the end of 2025, through a unique customer-centric customer and quality oriented Approach. The upcoming addition of Screens will help the company achieve a significant part of this vision as it will pave the way for Tarjama’s significant growth in the media space.

In November 2021, Tarjama received an investment from Amethis, a leading private equity firm in Africa and the MENA region. “This transaction brings together two high-quality and complementary businesses in the attractive regional localization sector. This is a meaningful first step in Tarjama’s ambitious inorganic expansion strategy,” said Tufik Queiri, Partner at Amethis. BSEC acted as exclusive advisor to Screens, while Hourani & Partners acted as legal advisor to Tarjama. PwC was also engaged by Tarjama for financial and tax due diligence.

About Tardjama

Tarjama is a provider of intelligent language technology and services that helps companies grow rapidly with multilingual content in any format and language. Founded in 2008 by Nour Al Hassan, Tarjama has rapidly grown to dominate the localization market in the MENA region through its proprietary range of innovative language solutions custom-built for the Arabic language. With a mission to help companies realize their potential for global growth, Tarjama is committed to providing language solutions that meet international standards for quality, speed and cost-effectiveness. It offers a full range of AI-based language services, including translation, localization, interpretation, content creation, transcription, subtitling and strategic consulting.

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About the screens

Screens is the leading localization service provider in the MENA region, offering subtitling, dubbing, translation, voice-over, media processing and content distribution. Screens has 30 years of experience and is positioned at the nexus between art and technology. Founded in Beirut by CEO and Chairman Joseph Akiki, the company has expanded its global reach with locations in Paris and Montreal. Today, Screens serves dozens of major media companies worldwide and operates at the cutting edge of the subtitling and localization industry.

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