Secret Island Club is your safest investment to date. Find out why

Headlines about some of NFT’s most effective crashes over the past week have left a bitter taste among NFT owners and enthusiasts. News of falling minimum prices, but the increase in sales left everyone on the market facing counter-intuitive indications, mixed emotions and some serious questions. From the outset, many suspected that a crisis like this was only a matter of time, but a crisis always occurs when it is least expected.

As millions around the world worry about the security and market flow of their favorite investments, we decided to explore the business of a project that, despite this news, can’t wait to bring out its own NFT. Just days ago, Secret Island Club announced its day, promising stability that almost no other project can offer. Their plans are long-term and their team could not feel more confident in them.

This is not just another project that is here to try its luck. This is the result of six months of preparation, a handful of different business models discussed and concrete work already done. We have been here for a long time, our community recognizes it and, most importantly, supports every step of the way, says Marco, founder of the Secret Island Club, just moments after unveiling their mint day.

A common story behind NFT projects begins with a work of art that builds community and inspires step-by-step utilities. But this is not such a story. The Secret Island Club has risen to the challenge of NFT like any other successful business in more familiar markets. It offers something that no other NFT does, and plans steady and growing growth to provide the much-needed guarantee to its owner.

We stand behind our art, but SIC is above all what we can offer to our owners. The first NFT hotel chain with exceptional experience and a suitable knowledge center for business. We are not here for a quick withdrawal. Both NFT and we as a team are here to stay – says Sandro, a leading investor in the Secret Island Club, emphasizing that they have waited with the opening of the Mint Day to make sure everything is ready exactly as it is planned.

At the same time, the SIC development team completes its first game with 2 payouts and wins the first resort in Metaverse. The game and the resort will be available to owners soon after the Mint and the teams hope the community will have a say in the future development of the hotel chain. The property has already been purchased on a number of Metaverse platforms such as Decentraland, The Sandbox and Otherdeed for Otherside. The first hotel will be developed in Decentraland and each other hotel in the chain will have its own unique content.

We first thought about real utilities with a real NFT hotel chain that our owners can visit. But we realized that we needed a more affordable solution for our owners, something they could use easily whenever they wanted. That’s when we started working on the first NFT hotel chain in Metaverse – explains Marco.

In addition to playing their new favorite game, owners will be able to communicate, find support for their own business ventures and join exclusive events at SIC hotels in the Metauniverse. They will develop a one-of-a-kind community. Hotels will hire SIC Discord members who, as such, will be able to earn SIC tokens. At the same time, the tokens will be a unique currency won by holders in P2E games.

The Secret Island Club intends to offer the first truly hybrid multiverse experience. The metaverse as an accessible window to the community they are building and the real life chain and collaboration for tangible benefits for their owners. Their work so far is very different from that of other projects, because, for a start, they do not think that the value of the project is reflected in the first 48 hours of the Mint. They understand that they cannot avoid reversing their NFTs and becoming part of the rapid turns in market value. But the goal of their team is to prove its worth in the longevity of the project and the constant increase in value that will follow the growth of the project and the accessibility of their utilities.

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