Should the Carolina Panthers trade for Baker Mayfield?

Preparation for 2022 NFL seasons are underway, but for Baker Mayfieldthe upcoming season remains a mystery.

Where he will play – or whether he will be given the opportunity at all – has not yet been determined and, unfortunately for Mayfield, he is a helpless accessory in his own case for playing time.

The Cleveland Browns have the keys to Mayfield’s football future and are currently content to keep those keys in their back pockets in hopes of turning Mayfield over in return for maximum compensation.

Exactly what this looks like has not yet been discovered. Thus, the patience of both Mayfield and Cleveland will be put to the test as the team considers options for its removal.

But one side is undoubtedly more comfortable playing the waiting game than the other. And according to Nick Wright, there is another team that needs to be just as eager to acquire a new QB as Mayfield is to leave Cleveland. The team: Carolina Panthers.

“[Mayfield’s] an obvious upgrade [for Carolina] in the most critical position in all sports, “Wright told Wednesday” First things first. “

“While we may not see the Panthers as something of a winning regime, they absolutely must be considered. Not only because the division – outside of Tampa – is fully on the move, but because Christian McCafrey is their best player and the clock is always ticking.

“You shouldn’t give up much through trading when it comes to draft compensation. The question is: Is Baker Mayfield worth $ 18 million, or do you want to wait and see if you can get it for $ 13 million or $ 14 million, and make the Browns eat some of that money? That would be stupid for a pound. There will be no reason to do so when putting it in the building gives you the best chance of succeeding this year as soon as possible. Of course, Carolina has to trade for him. “

Baker Mayfield’s trade is still on the table for the Panthers FIRST IMPORTANT

Baker Mayfield's trade is still on the table for the Panthers  FIRST IMPORTANT

It seems that trade talks have resumed between the Cleveland Browns and the Carolina Panthers, who are eagerly seeking to acquire Baker Mayfield in time for the quarterback to participate in the mini-camp.

For Chris Brusard, there are only two circumstances in which Carolina must execute such a deal.

“Don’t get me wrong, Sam Darnold looked awful, but he didn’t have the opportunities Baker had,” Brusard said.

“I would trade for Baker Mayfield under two circumstances. № 1: Cleveland gets most of the $ 18.9 million because if I keep Darnold, I don’t want to pay two quarterbacks anything close to $ 38 million, and I’m not in love with either.

“No. 2: People think that detention is money. But could the detention be that Cleveland is waiting to see how long Watson’s removal is? If he’s out of six to eight games, they feel like “we can go with Jacoby Brisset. But if Deshon Watson is absent all season, are they happy with Joshua Dobbs as a reserve for Brisset? Brown may say, “Give us Darnold. The salaries are exactly the same “and then Darnold is your backup or you give him a chance to beat Brisset. In the end, make a deal, but do not rush, do not rush. No one knocks on the Brownie’s door to get to Baker Mayfield in exchange. “

Kevin Wilds claims that Carolina should exchange Mayfield, but stressed that Mayfield should get tired of her abilities.

“Here’s my main question: Does Baker need a job or does he need a career?” If he needs a job, I think he should say yes, the Panthers. Teddy Bridgewater had a job that went 4-11, then Sam Darnold needed a job and went 4-7. Then Newton needed a job and went 0-5. If he wants a career and I’m Baker, I say pass, “no, thank you, Carolina.”

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