SKYBOUND ENTERTAINMENT Panels and exclusive offers

Skybound Entertainment shakes to SDCC ’22 with two panels focusing on franchises Living Dead and Shocking winter. It will also be selling exclusive event books and other goodies from Image comics booth (#1915).


“Skybound Entertainment will return to San Diego Comic-Con on July 20-24 this year with an offering that includes two can’t-miss panels centered around the Skybound franchises Living Dead and Shocking winter.

“On Thursday, July 21, talent and creators will give an inside look at the development of the post-apocalyptic vampire thriller Shocking winter and its evolution from a hit audio series to a visual medium through the stunning prequel comic by Travis Beachum and Stephen Green.

“Yvette Nicole Brown and Felicia Day will moderate alongside the key development team for a behind-the-scenes look The Walking Dead: Last Mile and the creation of this massive interactive live event (MILE) in “The Walking Dead: Last Mile – The Future of Entertainment” on Friday, July 22.”


Impact Winter: Sound to Page
Thursday, July 21, 10:00 – 11:00, Room 9

“Shocking winterthe hit Audible audio series from writer/director Travis Beachum (Pacific Rim, Carnival Row), Set 10 years after a comet strike eclipses the sun, vampires emerge from the darkness to take over the remains of the world. A vampire hunter, a young woman named Darcy, is drawn to a powerful vampire lord and thrown into battle for the future of her people. Executive produced by Skybound Entertainment (Living Dead) and anonymous content (A true detective), Shocking winter delivers binaural audio, original music and unparalleled sound design, all of which bring this post-apocalyptic world to life in visceral detail. Join the team as they uncover the secrets behind the biggest audio hit of the year and its evolution into a visual medium through the stunning backstory comic written by Travis Beecham with art by Stephen Green (Hellboy and BPRD). Writer/director involved Travis Beachamcomic book artist Stephen Green, EVP, Head of US Content Rachel Giazza (Audible), executive producer Alexandra Augustus (Skybound Entertainment) and comics editor Amanda LaFranco (Skybound), in a panel moderated by John Rocha (Critic and host at The Outlaw Nation). The first 100 panelists will receive a copy of the comic Impact Winter #1.”

The Walking Dead: Last Mile – The future of entertainment
Friday, July 22, 17:45 – 18:45, room 6BCF

“The Walking Dead: Last Mile is the next big installment in the beloved franchise created by Robert Kirkman, but this time YOU, the fans, drive the story. Join The Walking Dead actress, comedian and superfan Yvette Nicole Brown along with actress and creator Felicia’s Day as they co-moderate a discussion with the creator of the Massively Interactive Live Event (MILE). Jacob Navok of Genvid Entertainment, creative executive Mike Rogers of Skybound Entertainment, senior writer and producer Jessica Woodard of Horrible Posture Games and Matthew Ball, noted Metaverse author and producer on TWD:LM. The team will share the latest details about this MILE exclusively on Facebook. All attendees receive an exclusive t-shirt!”



Note: “Quantities will be limited by customer and per day on a first-come, first-served basis. Please inquire at the image booth for availability.’

sdcc '22 to heaven

Skybound X #25 of various, SDCC exclusive variant Folio, cover art by James Harron, $20 + tax

sdcc '22 to heaven

Skybound X #25 of various, SDCC exclusive B&W variant, cover art by James Harron, $20 + tax

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