SLR Investment Corp. (NASDAQ: SLRC) With an average rating of “Detention” by analysts

SLR Investment Corp. (NASDAQ: SLRC – Get Rating) won a consensus “Hold” consensus from the seven brokerage firms that currently cover the firm, Marketbeat reported. Three analysts rated the shares with a retention recommendation, and two issued a recommendation to buy the company. The average target price for 1 year among analysts who have updated their coverage for shares over the past year is $ 18.40.

A number of research firms have recently joined the SLRC. Maxim Group began covering SLR Investment in a report on Monday, April 25th. They set a buy rating and a target price of $ 20.00 per share. Wells Fargo & Company lowered its target price for SLR Investment from $ 17.25 to $ 16.00 and set an “equal weight” rating of the shares in a report on Monday, April 25. TheStreet downgraded SLR Investment from a “b-” rating to “c” in a report on Wednesday, March 9th. Hovde Group lowered its target price for SLR Investment to $ 16.00 in a report on Friday, May 20th. Finally, raised its SLR Investment rating from “sell” to “hold” rating in a report on Wednesday, May 11th.

Several major investors have recently added or reduced their stakes in the SLRC. Van ECK Associates Corp. raised its position in shares of SLR Investment by 61.6% in the first quarter. Van ECK Associates Corp. now owns 932,476 shares of the financial services provider’s shares worth $ 16,905,000 after acquiring an additional 355,581 shares during the period. Ares Management LLC raised its position in shares of SLR Investment by 19.3% in the first quarter. Ares Management LLC already owns 1,895,303 shares of the financial services provider’s shares worth $ 34,362,000 after acquiring an additional 306,084 shares during the period. HB Wealth Management LLC bought a new stake in SLR Investment in the 4th quarter worth $ 2,068,000. JPMorgan Chase & Co. raised its position in shares of SLR Investment by 4.4% in the 4th quarter. JPMorgan Chase & Co. now owns 2,057,097 shares of the financial services provider’s shares worth $ 37,912,000 after acquiring an additional 86,375 shares during the period. Finally, Acuitas Investments LLC raised its position in shares of SLR Investment by 75.8% in the first quarter. Acuitas Investments LLC now owns 168,237 shares of the financial services provider worth $ 3,050,000 after acquiring an additional 72,514 shares during the period.

NASDAQ: SLRC opened at $ 14.43 on Tuesday. The company has a market capitalization of 790.37 million dollars, a price / profit ratio of 15.35 and a beta of 1.14. SLR Investment has the lowest value in twelve months of $ 14.05 and the highest in twelve months of $ 20.05. The 50-day moving average share price is $ 16.06, and its two-hundred-day moving average price is $ 17.50. The company has a fast ratio of 1.01, a current ratio of 1.01 and a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.98.

SLR Investment (NASDAQ: SLRC – Get Rating) last released its earnings results on Tuesday, May 3rd. The financial services provider reported earnings of $ 0.35 per share for the quarter, lacking analysts’ consensus estimates of $ 0.37 s ($ 0.02). The business had revenue of $ 33.01 million for the quarter, compared to analysts’ estimates of $ 36.95 million. SLR Investment has a return on equity of 7.11% and a net profit of 28.96%. As a group, analysts expect SLR Investment to report 1.43 earnings per share for the current year.

The company also recently announced a monthly dividend, which will be paid on Tuesday, July 5th. The record investors on Thursday, June 23, will receive a dividend of $ 0.137. The date of the former dividend is Wednesday, June 22. This represents a $ 1.64 annual dividend and a yield of 11.39%. The dividend payout ratio (DPR) of SLR Investment is currently 174.47%.

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SLR Investment Corp. is a business development company specializing in secured debt (first pledge and second pledge), subordinated (unsecured) debt, minority capital, leverage purchases, acquisitions, recapitalization, general refinancing, growth capital and strategically income-oriented controlling capital investments in mid-market companies with leverage.

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