Small Business Grant Served Fresh at a Remarkable Dining Room – Morris County, New Jersey

Published on May 31, 2022

Summit West Diner in Danville Last recipient of the grant

The landmark Summit West Diner in Danville was serviced check today, fresh from Morris County Small Business Grant Programsuch as Maurice County Council of Commissioners continue to help business owners hit hard by the pandemic.

The restored 1950’s style restaurant located on road 46 west, qualified for $ 14,287 in grant dollars, is simply ashamed of the $ 15,000 maximum allowed through the program. The snack bar was closed for more than three months during the pandemic, while struggling with losing customers, rising supply prices and paying bills to keep its business open.

“Thank you very much for that. It really helps, “said Michele Greberiswho owns and manages the snack bar after its restoration in 2017.

Summit West DIner 2022 May 31 2.jpg The stylized eatery, symbolizing the dwindling number of notable roadside eateries, still bears the neon sign “West Side Diner” from its earlier incarnation.

He was on hand to provide the grant Maurice County Commissioners Stephen Shaw and Douglas Cabanaaccompanied by The mayor of Danville, Thomas Andes.

Maurice County Commissioners personally deliver some of the grant checks to talk to small business owners and learn more about the challenges they face in surviving a pandemic. Commissioners are also learning how the grant program can be improved and want to do so. spread the word that the program remains open.

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More than 600 applications have been submitted since the launch of the Morris County Small Business Program on Valentine’s Day with the slogan: Maurice County loves small business. The Maurice County Council of Commissioners has set up a pandemic grant grant program American Rescue Plan Act.

Commissioners have committed $ 10 million to the effort, and Maurice County is still accepting applications.

Most of the applications aimed at final approval will be provided by each of the qualified companies and non-profit organizations the maximum grant amount is $ 15,000. While other applications are still being viewed, the program remains open for new applications.

There are no application costs.

The eligibility requirements of the Small Business Grant Program include, but are not limited to:Summit West DIner 2022 May 31 3.jpg

  • The business has 25 or fewer full-time employees (or equivalent)
  • In operation from January 1, 2019
  • It is located in Maurice County
  • Less than $ 5 million in sales / revenue
  • Evidence of declining sales / increased costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Read the qualifications and apply:

The Federal Guidelines covering the grant program will specify exactly which costs are eligible for the grant program and which applications may be approved.

Grants are limited to $ 15,000 per applicant. However, business owners and non-profit organizations are encouraged to submit applications that include all costs they believe may qualify for a grant, even if the total amount of a claim exceeds $ 15,000.

The final review may find that some of the costs presented for consideration are not covered by the program guidelines. However, by submitting all eligible costs, applicants increase their chances of receiving the maximum possible grant amount.


Above right: At the front door of the Summit West Diner, (lr) Commissioner Douglas Cabana, Mayor Thomas Andes, owner Michelle Gberberis and Commissioner Stephen Shaw.

Center left: Snack owner Michelle Gberberis (left) accepted the grant check from Commissioner Stephen Shaw, with Commissioner Douglas Cabana and Mayor Thomas Andes joining the grant.

Bottom right: Commissioner Shaw (left) discusses how Maurice County Commissioners are working to help owners of local businesses and non-profit organizations after the pandemic. Pictured on the right are Commissioner Douglas Cabana, Mayor Thomas Andes and snack bar owner Michelle Gberberis.

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