Adprime’s DSP maximizes programmatic robust inventory and Dramatically improves results using precise audience segments

NEW YORK, October 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Adprime, a leading healthcare publisher and technology-driven online advertising platform, announced today that Spectrum Science, an independent healthcare and science marketing, communications and media agency, has selected Adprime to provide its search engine platform (DSP) technology and services to expand the scope of its programmatic capabilities for clients. This includes precision targeting to improve pharmaceutical marketing campaigns and clinical trial recruitment, a growing opportunity for the agency. Adprime’s DSP is specifically designed to meet the complexity and unique requirements of marketers focused on well-defined healthcare audiences, including biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, health insurance and hospital systems.

Adprime’s DSP buys programmatically across a wide range of display, video, connected television (CTV) and mobile ad inventory. Adprime’s DSP is designed to meet the specific requirements of healthcare advertisers and solves the problem of insufficient reach and limited inventory of other DSPs. Adprime has enhanced its DSP’s ability to “shape” audiences with dynamic updates to its algorithm to align them more closely with customers’ targeting requirements. Adprime’s DSP can also improve results through geolocation, healthcare professional (HCP) data targeting, and status and content targeting. Platform support can be full-service, self-service, or a hybrid of the two. These options allow buyers to easily plan, set up and manage their own campaigns if they choose, increasing flexibility and reducing costs.

“The privacy and authenticity movements in healthcare marketing require agencies to create entirely new solutions. We believe the future of healthcare advertising is ‘Intermedia’ using authentic, relatable content and media experiences throughout the patient and healthcare provider journey,” said Chad Childress, EVP, Paid Media at Spectrum Science. “Building our ad technology stack with performance-based capabilities like Adprime’s DSP has strengthened our ability to not only pinpoint our healthcare audiences, but also deliver innovative personalized media engagements that redefine the role of programmatic media for our clients in a sustainable way . Our partnership with Adprime is a collaborative one, which is one of the reasons they will be a key partner to continue to drive Spectrum Science’s rapid growth and innovative solutions in the paid media space.”

In addition to its DSP, Adprime’s premium healthcare media system includes its Health Exchange and managed services. To keep up with the recent addition of Spectrum Science and other new clients, Adprime has expanded its sales team by adding seasoned veterans of the health and wellness industry Carol Haggerty ReardonVice President of Sales and Marketing, and Jeremy Carlin, Program Leader.

“We are thrilled that Spectrum Science has selected Adprime’s DSP and look forward to helping them achieve their goals with highly regulated and demanding healthcare clients,” said Click on the CEO Michael Moon. “While our platform can be fine-tuned to solve specific campaign challenges, I think our hybrid approach to service – combining full and self-service in one contract – will benefit our clients. And it goes without saying that competitive pricing is essential to developing long-term relationships with our partners and customers.”

About Adprime

Founded in 2006, Look at this is the largest online healthcare publisher and advertising platform ranked by comScore. It provides unparalleled reach, ensures brand safety and connects healthcare brands and institutions with their most valuable direct-to-consumer (DTC) and healthcare professional (HCP) audiences. Adprime anticipates the needs of leading healthcare and life sciences companies, continuously evolving its services and increasing its value in the dynamic ad technology ecosystem, as further evidenced by its healthcare-specific demand-side platform (DSP).

Adprime creates customized solutions for advertisers using its expertise, broad industry reach, advanced targeting and unparalleled first-party data. For publishers, Adprime is a strategic growth partner that introduces them to brand advertisers that are most relevant to their content and useful to their highly engaged audiences. For more information visit Adprime.com.

About Spectrum Science

Spectrum Science is an integrated marketing, communications and media agency like no other. An independent, full-service agency with end-to-end capabilities, Spectrum’s team includes science experts focused on strategic engagements with our audiences. Spectrum uses human-centric insights, motivating creative, innovative storytelling and technology to reach audiences where they are, with the content they need and want. Spectrum offers global reach as the US partner and chair of Global Health Marketing & Communications (GHMC). For more information on how Spectrum goes beyond the scientific quo, visit www.spectrumscience.com or follow @SpectrumScience on Twitter.

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