Spectrum Science Gains Seismic Collaboration, Deepening Experience in Emerging Innovation and Health Technology

Based on the recent acquisition of SONIC Health, the Seismic Collaborative deal further expands the agency’s services to clients at the forefront of science

WASHINGTON, June 9, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Spectrum Science, an independent, integrated marketing, communications and media agency focused on health and science, today announced the acquisition of The Seismic Collaborative, an independent agency for health and life sciences that specializes in early health care stage technology and biotechnology companies. The acquisition of Seismic creates the Emerging Innovation Group within Spectrum, a new proposal that expands the agency’s ability to deliver at all points in the company’s and product lifecycle.

“We are delighted to welcome Seismic’s incredible talent and experience in the Spectrum team,” he said. Jonathan Wilson, owner and CEO of Spectrum. “Over the past few years, we have worked to strategically diversify our agency’s talent and capabilities to keep up with customer needs in a fast-growing industry – including the thriving biotech and healthcare sectors. With today’s acquisition, we are now able to expand the range of customers we support by introducing a flexible model and approach to serving both early and start-up customers and those who are more established. “

This new venture attracts experienced leaders with extensive experience and current business in emerging innovation and health technologies to the Spectrum team, including the CEO of Seismic, Lisa Rodriguezwho will serve as president of the Emerging Innovation Group within Spectrum and will play a leading role in the existing practice of Health Tech.

“Becoming part of Spectrum strengthens Seismic’s relationship with customers who are growing, expanding and advancing in innovation in the health technology and life sciences sectors,” said Seismic’s CEO. Lisa Rodriguez. “Now more than ever, start-ups are demanding global opportunities from end to end to achieve their goals of overgrowth – Spectrum is the perfect place to do that. Our new home provides a dynamic and vibrant expansion of our services, where we can grow with our client partners throughout their life cycle. “

EVP Melissa Laverty and Spectrum from Seismic are also joining Vicki Herreratogether with the full team of strategists, writers and social media specialists at Seismic.

Today’s announcement is based on the recently announced acquisition of SONIC Health, the first deal of its kind for Spectrum in the company’s 26-year history. Funding for both acquisitions was provided by Monroe Capital.

About The Seismic Collaborative

Seismic Collaborative communicates the stories of people, products and services that transform healthcare and save lives through a range of strategies, media relations, content and social media services. The Seismic Collaborative model rejects the traditional norms of PR agencies, instead focusing on intensive, deeply committed collaboration partnerships that are structured on the results achieved. To learn more, visit www.teamseismic.com.

About Spectrum Science

Spectrum Science is an integrated marketing, communication and media agency like no other. An independent agency with a full range of services with end-to-end capabilities, the Spectrum team is an expert in science focused on strategic engagements with our audience. We use human-oriented insights, motivating creative, innovative storytelling and technology, to reach the audience where they are, with the content they need and want. Spectrum offers global reach as a US partner and chairman of Global Health Marketing & Communications (GHMC). For more information on how Spectrum goes beyond the scientific quo, visit www.spectrumscience.com or follow @SpectrumScience on Twitter.

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