Spin Master Entertainment announces children’s series “The Veterinarian”

Spin Master Entertainment, the production company behind the children’s franchises Paw Patrol and Bakugan, has a new character coming to the party.

Diversity has learned exclusively about the release of “The Veterinarian Species”, which follows the teenager while caring for a community of animals. The animated series will premiere in the autumn of 2023 on BBC CBeebies and BBC iPlayer in the United Kingdom, as well as at the Treehouse of Corus Entertainment and StackTV in Canada. Other international broadcasting partners, including a distributor in the United States, will be announced at a later date.

The 10-year-old spends her days caring for forest creatures that live outside her home, from a fox with a sprained paw to a tortoise with itchy toes to a tiger with a diseased tooth.

“We started by wanting to teach preschoolers the idea of ​​parenting,” Dodge said. “What wellness looks like, to be able to model good care for yourself and good care for others – and at the same time alleviate the fears that a young child may have about his own visits to the doctor or dentist.”

“Some of the shows we’ve done in the past are computer-generated high-end research, but with Vida we wanted it to feel classic,” she added. “To highlight the forest and all the animals, we wanted a beautiful color palette and illustrative 2D animation.”

Collaboration between creator Dustin Ferrer (“Esme & Roy”, “Peg & Cat”), showrunner Jennifer Oxley (“Wonder Pets!”, “Peg & Cat”) and animation studio Jam Filled Entertainment, created for visually soothing compositions: soft blues , green and purple for outdoor backgrounds; loose orange hair and wide open eyes for Vida.

Spin Master is basically a toy company: its entertainment division started in 2008, while the larger company was founded in 1984. But Vida the Vet, like Paw Patrol before it, is in full swing. without a previous toy line.

“Spin Master consists of three creative centers: entertainment, toys and digital games,” said Jennifer Dodge, president of the entertainment company. “The role of entertainment is to create content that can be a catalyst for the other two creative centers. Vida will eventually have a beautiful line of toys. But above all, it’s about building history, building character, creating a world. “

Dodge says that developing ideas within the entertainment department and later consulting with colleagues working on toys and games allows Spin Master to “bake” screen elements that will be conducive to possible merchandising.

“Paw Patrol is the biggest example of this. We were able to attract resources that made sense – and leave things that didn’t, “Dodge explains. Our toy group said: “We can build a tower that has a slide so that the little ones can jump in their vehicles and so we can turn the vehicles around [when toys are made]. ””

“But there are definitely times when there may be an inquiry from another group in the company, and if it just doesn’t make sense for that property, then we find another solution,” she said. “We are very protected. Everything that goes into every show has a narrative purpose. ”

The Veterinarian Kind is an executive producer of Dodge, Oxley, Laura Clooney, Tony Stevens and Spin Master co-founder Ronen Harari. Season 1 will consist of 52 11-minute episodes, and Vida the Vet toys will debut in 2024.

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