Spohn to lead special projects at the Albright Institute for Research

Christopher Spohn has been appointed Director of Project Development, Preschool and Summer Programs at the Albright College Research Institute.

Spohn will be responsible for developing, managing and leading special projects, joint educational initiatives and coordinating programs for the Albright Institute for Research. In addition to overseeing the project of current and new initiatives, Spohn will use its experience in education to facilitate and teach master’s and professional development courses for teachers and administrators.

“Chris’s experience in military command, combined with the development of his workforce and K-12 education, is a powerful combination to improve our community as a whole,” said Adele Shade, founder of the Albright Research Institute. “Chris is highly respected as a leader in Berks County and will continue to push Albright College to achieve its vision of a fair, sustainable and inclusive learning community and a leader in advancing life in our dynamic world.”

Spone joined Albright College after a 33-year career in public education. He has been teaching secondary mathematics for 12 years, has been a building director for 17.5 years and has served as an educational leader at the district level in the Hamburg school district for the past three years. As director of project development, Spohn works closely with local businesses to match their needs for a future highly skilled workforce with coursework and opportunities for students to explore and experience a variety of careers.

In addition to his extensive experience in education, Spohn’s work with the municipalities of North Berks, which make up the school district of Hamburg, led to his appointment to the Berks County Planning Commission. He recognizes that future growth and opportunities to maximize the quality of life for all Berks County residents begins with creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within our education system. This is the mission of the Albright Institute for Research.

Spohn earned a master’s degree in mathematics from DeSales University, a major certificate from Pennsylvania at Pennsylvania State University, and a letter from the Pennsylvania chief of eligibility and doctoral dissertation. in educational leadership at the University of Alvernia. Chris also served as an assistant instructor at the College of Command and United States General Staff.

“Chris brings with him a very unique combination of experiences – his time in the military refined his operational thinking, while his career in education allowed him to think strategically about how best to combine student experience with sought-after business and industry skills,” said Ellen. Albright, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Preschool and Summer Programs at the Research Institute. “This broad history, combined with Chris’ passion for innovation, will support the main goal of the Research Institute, which is to ‘reveal the genius that lies within every child.'”

Named the best national college by the Wall Street Journal / Times Higher Education, Albright College (founded in 1856) is home to a diverse community of students who cultivate integrity, curiosity, connection and resilience. Through a learning experience that engages the student’s creative and innovative abilities in all disciplines, both inside and outside the classroom, Albright College Education ensures that every student learns how to engage the world, understand the world and be ready to influence on a rapidly changing world. Located in Reading, Pennsylvania, Albright is home to students, adults and students.

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