St. Clair County Public Guardian’s Office, Mental Health Court Sees Caseload Increase

The St. Clair County Public Guardian’s Office and Mental Health Court have seen an increase in caseloads and caseload complexity in recent years, which officials say has been fueled in large part by the current housing crisis and the aftershocks of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The offices serve people with cognitive and physical disabilities and people with mental illness and substance use disorders. The increased caseload has forced the Public Guardian’s Office to become more creative in finding housing for its clients, while the mental health court sometimes takes longer to graduate participants from its program.

What do the Office of the Public Guardian and the Mental Health Court do?

The St. Clair County Public Guardian’s Office is designed to meet the basic needs of people who are unable to care for themselves and have no other local family members to help them. The office covers basic needs, such as housing, food and transport, and visits the people it cares for to ensure their needs are met.

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