Storedot technology for ultra-fast battery charging with superior performance verified by independent laboratories as it nears production readiness

StoreDot ultra-fast battery charging technology with superior performance verified by independent labs as it nears production readiness.

StoreDot, the pioneer of extreme fast charging (XFC) batteries for electric vehicles (EVs), has successfully validated its game-changing technology from leading independent battery laboratory Shmuel De-Leon Energy.

Internationally recognized experts in energy storage and electric mobility put StoreDot’s production-ready XFC batteries through a series of extensive tests, confirming the technology’s viability for commercialization and its superior fast charging and high energy performance compared to any known XFC battery solutions the EV sector.

The intensive independent testing program was conducted at Shmuel De-Leon Energy Laboratories and covered energy density, charge rate, operating conditions and cycle. The results confirm an industry-leading energy density of 300Wh/kg and 1,000 consecutive XFC cycles for StoreDot’s proprietary technology, which uses currently deployed manufacturing equipment, which exceeds that of all other battery solutions tested.

Doron MeyersdorfCEO, StoreDot, said:

In recent months, we have successfully completed live public demonstrations of charging StoreDot’s XFC batteries.

“However, having our technology submitted for independent evaluation by leading battery laboratories at Shmuel De-Leon Energy was essential for us to independently validate our extreme fast charging technologies.”

“We are delighted to have passed another milestone in our strategic roadmap to ensure mainstream adoption of EVs with distinctive features. Particularly pleasing is the commercialization validity and superior performance of StoreDot’s XFC and high-energy technology verified by leading experts in the field.”

“In addition, our technology continues to be tested in the real world by our leading automotive partners. Each target achieved and each test successfully passed further confirms our confidence in our ability to deliver 100in5 battery technology by 2024 and 100in3 by 2028.”

About StoreDot:

StoreDot is the pioneer and leader of XFC batteries that overcome the critical barriers to mass EV adoption – range and charging anxiety.

The company is revolutionizing the conventional lithium-ion battery by designing and synthesizing proprietary organic and inorganic compounds optimized by artificial intelligence algorithms, making it possible to charge an EV in less than ten minutes – the same time it takes to charge a conventional engine car with internal combustion.

Through its “100inX” product roadmap, StoreDot’s battery technology is designed for the ultimate driver experience, offering “Range on DemandTM”: 100 miles charged in 5 minutes (2024), 100 miles charged in 3 minutes by 2028, and an extreme energy density solution allowing 100 miles to be charged in 2 minutes by 2032.

StoreDot’s strategic investors and partners include Daimler, BP, VinFast, Volvo, Polestar, Ola Electric, Samsung, TDK and manufacturing partner EVE Energy. In 2022, the company achieved a world first by demonstrating live extreme fast charging of an EV battery. StoreDot has a goal of being ready for mass production by 2024.


  • StoreDot Extreme Fast Charging (XFC) battery technology tested by a global laboratory specializing in energy storage and electric mobility Shmuel De-Leon Energy
  • An exhaustive series of tests covering energy density, charge rate, operating conditions and cycle time were successfully completed
  • Detailed in-depth independent analysis of StoreDot XFC technology confirms superior performance compared to all known XFC battery solutions for electric vehicles
  • Test results of 30Ah pouch cells in the EV form factor confirm an energy density of 300Wh/kg and 1000 consecutive ultra-fast charging cycles, putting the StoreDot XFC at the top of the battery performance envelope
  • The report concludes: “StoreDot EV fast battery charging technology is a breakthrough and rule changer for the automotive industry”
  • StoreDot’s battery technologies are poised to deliver a seismic shift in sustainable mobility, delivering 100 miles in 5 minutes by 2024, followed by 100 miles in 3 by 2028 and 100 in 2 within a decade

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