Students share ‘spooky’ art – Grand Valley Lanthorn

Grand Valley State University is hosting the 2022 season of the Visual and Media Arts (VMA) Spooktacular. The Spooktacular event features the Urban Legends!: Tales to Tell in the Dark art gallery in the Padnos Student Gallery at the Calder Art Center.

This exhibition features works created by students, staff and faculty. The event gives people the chance to display their fall-themed art for all to see during the VMA Spooktacular.

The event was chaired by Durwin Talon and student organizer Briana Skerpan. They said the event aims to bring the entire department together and create a space for people to share and celebrate their art.

“This was the time when we brought film and video together, so we thought it was a creative and wonderful way to come together,” Tallon said.

There are over 100 works submitted in a wide range of media such as jewellery, digital art, animation and sculpture.

In addition to hosting the event, Talon sent its own pieces inspired by General Mills’ seasonal monster cereals, including “Boo Berry,” “Frank Berry,” and “Count Chocula.” He developed this idea in the style of 1950s movie posters.

“I love putting weird things together, so there was this fun little fusion of these two worlds coming together,” Talon said.

Although most of Skerpan’s free time went into organizing and running the event among other board members, she also submitted her own article. Her piece, titled “Backstage,” features a creepy clown peeking out from behind a curtain.

Isabella Good, participating artist and senior at GVSU, presented a total of three works – two large digital prints and one sculpture. Her works are called “Cannibal Soup,” “Revelation,” and “Separation,” all of which reflect the mediums she used growing up in rural West Michigan.

I think it’s important to try to be informed and reflect on your environmental and societal connection to the world you interact with,” Goode said.

“Cannibal Soup” reflects the world of “man-eat-man” in a visualization of various human organs immersed in a dark viscous liquid.

“(‘Cannibal Soup’ is about) tearing each other down to get to our own ends — to support each other,” Goode said.

Her other work, Separation, consists of a polymer clay pig suspended in a glass jar surrounded by crimson ink.

“‘Separation’ is about the meat industry, specifically how we as humans are able to separate creatures from their flesh for consumption,” Goode said. “I thought it had to do with the subtext of the myth of Piggy, the butcher who wore a pig mask while slaughtering pigs and was later avenged by being torn apart by the same animal.”

Her latest piece is called “Revelation”. This piece is a digital collage of various neon elements that she took inspiration from the film The Ring (2002).

“‘Revelation’ is about exploring the impact television has on children and how a person can be accidentally exposed to something that would affect them irreversibly,” Goode said.

Good praised the event, mentioning that the spirit of the event alone lifts spirits and creates inspiration. She also said the event is a stress-free, low-stakes way to introduce students to the process of presenting art.

“Most of the work is just because the students love the show at this point,” Tallon said.

The Padnos Student Gallery at the Calder Art Center is free and open to the public to view these works through October 28.

The other 2022 VMA Spooktacular events will take place on October 27 from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM and will include a costume contest and a film screening. The first 31 attendees will receive free jewelry from the jewelry department.

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