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Below is a regularly updated list of artists, venues, producers, promoters, arts business owners/employees, and clients/patrons who support the Chico News & Review’s proposal for an arts coverage collaboration with North Public Radio State

If you have an interest in the health of local arts and culture and would like to lend your name in support, read this Arts Community Note and have this letter sent to NSPR, then email us (at the contact information provided in the first note ).


The Royal Theatre – a multipurpose concert hall in downtown Chico
Hereditary stage – Chico Theater Company
Chico Art Center – Chico Gallery/Art School
Martin Chavira – Blue Room Theatre, President of the Board
Thomas’ sax – Board member of Gallery 1078, co-founder of Slow Theater
Lisa Freeman-Wood – President Chico Art Center
Mark Edson – Chico Theater Co. CEO.
Denver Latimer – lawyer, co-founder Blue Room Theater, co-founder Slow Theater, actor, director, writer
Judy Clemens – Executive Director Theater on the ridge
Jerry Miller – artistic director Theater on the ridge, actor, writer, director
Erin Horst – Instructor at Chico State Theater, President/Co-Founder Legacy Stage, Actor, Director
Mandy Burson -Owner/Director of Kinetica Dance and Gymnastics Academy
Heather McCafferty – Curator of Cultural Facilities, Oroville City Museums
Rachel Skokowski – Director Janet Turner The Print Museum
Erin Banwell – owner/co-founder of Idea Fabrication Labs Chico
Ginny Crawford – Janet Turner Board Member of the Print Museum
Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) – Chico Affordable Housing Nonprofit
Dolores Mitchell – retired Chico art professor, co-founder of Chico Visual Arts Collective/Chico Art Festival, artist
Daniel Donnelly – Butte College Digital Art & Design/ARTS Instructor; manager Butte College Create Space Maker Lab; Chico Art Center board member; painter
Muir Hughes – co-owner Chico Bookstore, co-founder Chikoko fashion/arts collective, artist
Charlie and Michelle Barrett – Owners Secret Trail Brewing Co.
Matt Houghton – Music Director of Gallery 1078, Musician (Cat Depot)
Robert Speer – retired journalist, former Chico News & Review editor
Sandy Backman – Outreach Coordinator Inspire School of Art & Sciences
Becky Brown – Principal/Superintendent Inspire School of Arts & Sciences, musician, writer
Brandon Squires – owner Naked Lounge cafe/music hall; musician (Amarok, Cold Blue Mountain)
Sarah Schlobom – Owner Momona Noodle + Bao, cafe/music venue Naked Lounge
Michael Lee – owner Momona Noodle + Bao, Naked Lounge cafe/music venue, musician (surrogate)
Anne Schwab – downtown business owner, former mayor of Chico
Ryan Heimlich – Butte College – Director of Instrumental Music, Woodwinds, Music Theory, Musician
Rob Davidson – Chico State English Literature Professor, Musician, Author, KZFR Board President
Peter Berkov – public television producer, writer, musician
Steve Metzger – retired English instructor at Chico State, author, musician
Yes Jay Morano – illustrator, artist
Jake speaker – Valley Fever Music Fest founder/promoter, musician, KZFR radio programmer
Dave Elke – Butte College music/recording instructor, musician
April Jensen – owner of Dream Makers salon
Nancy Park – Chico Housing Action Team board member
Rick Anderson – owner/promoter Chico Concerts, formerly GM KZFR Radio
Ray Camp – Friends of the arts
Jason Cassidy – CN&R editor, former arts editor. musician, music promoter
Donnie and Kim Lieberman – President Sunseri Construction
Brooks Torlakson – retired professor of English at Chico
Steve Watson – Chico Art Supporter
Cheryl Sanchez – owner of Paradise Herbs and Acupuncture
Tim Justa – co-owner of Pageant Theater
Laura Askim – Chico State Interpreter Biologist, Geographic Information Center, Upstate Planning and Development Collective
Bruce McLean – Chico Art Supporter
Willow Dejesus
– occupational therapist
Mark Kernes – Supporter of the arts in Oroville
Jim Johnson – Chico Art Supporter
Mary Johnson – Chico Art Supporter
Bill Mash – journalist/founder of Bez roof; KZFR radio personality, writer
Gail Compton – business process analyst
Diane Suzuki – World Music Programmer KZFR Public Radio
Alec Binyon – entrepreneur, small business owner, former Chico News & Review sales manager
Robin Indar – Owner/Artist Indar Mosaics, Musician (Tite Nauts, Severance Package)
Ken Pordes – concert photographer
Dylan Collins – comedian, event promoter, Foodie of Chico
Fox E. Jeff – founder/owner Get Foxy Productions and We Play in Chico, co-founder Chico ART Collective, musician, promoter, videographer
Michael Bone – musician, artist
Kevin Killian – musician (Smokey the Groove), sound engineer
Molly Paul – a musician
Steve Cook – a musician
Robert Karch – a musician
Sandra Flake – Chico Art Supporter
Chris Gunter – retired Chico art professor, former Chico arts commissioner, painter
Hypnotic productions – cabaret, drag and burlesque productions
Sandy Lynn – PR and Communications Professional, Organizer/Event Organizer, Storyteller, Writer, Actor, Drag/Burlesque Performer
Kirsten Gamma – ballerina, choreographer, burlesque performer
Kelsey Judge – owner/founder Hypnotique Productions, dancer, vocalist, comedian
Shari Maxon Hopper – Chico the artist
David Hopper – Chico the artist
Tatton White – co-owner of Kamina bakery, local musician
Kenneth Curran – co-owner of Pekarna Kamina

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