To improve health equity, leaders must make it ‘the center of your strategy’

More health systems say they are working to eliminate health care disparities. EY’s Susan Garfield outlines the steps to help move the needle. Susan Garfield has worked on health equity issues for 25 years. “The problems are not new,” she says. Still, Garfield, chief public health officer at Ernst & Young (EY), says he’s glad … Read more

Health’s current chief executive Christopher McCann says care is coming back home

Christopher McCann says hospitals should not be fixated on the past. McCann is CEO of Current Health, a technology company that helps health systems deliver health care at home, including hospital-at-home programs. The Scottish health technology leader sees great promise in offering emergency care at home, but also understands why some healthcare leaders may be … Read more

The Correlation Trap – How Science Works

Grant Wall, a well-known sports journalist, collapsed and died while reporting on the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. He was 48 years old. For the previous few days, he shared that he had a cough and congestion, chest discomfort, and felt generally unwell. Obviously there was a lot of it. He had sought care and … Read more

The Last of Us zombie infection is real – here’s what scientists say about the threat to humans

Top line HBO’s hotly anticipated television adaptation of the famous The last of us The game series premiered on Sunday, portraying the world after a devastating fungal pandemic that wiped out most of humanity, a fictional brain infection that experts say was inspired by a very real set of fungi that can kidnap their hosts … Read more

NM starts New Year with new Minister of Health |

New NM Health Secretary Starts Today Patrick M. Allen takes over as New Mexico’s newest health secretary today, relieving Dr. David Scrase, who has led both DOH and the Department of Human Services since Dr. Tracy Collins left in July 2021. “I am grateful of Dr. Scrase for his service to New Mexicans as Secretary … Read more

What can taking a break from alcohol do for your health?

After the indulgent holiday season, many Americans will turn to “Dry January.” The concept of abstaining from alcohol for a month has become a common New Year’s resolution for people who want to change their relationship with alcohol. Limited research on it suggests it may have some positive health effects, at least for moderate to … Read more

How is technology revolutionizing the fitness industry in India?

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur collaborators are their own. You are reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. Today, every social media platform is influenced by the popularity of the fitness craze. Apparently, the popularity of fitness has led to a 311% increase in the use of on-demand workout videos and a 971% increase … Read more

Mental health chatbots can effectively engage people with depression, study shows

Clinical scientists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have found that mental health chatbots are able to effectively engage people with depression in empathetic conversations and help treat their symptoms. Chatbots or conversational agents are computer programs that simulate human conversations. They are increasingly used in healthcare, for example to help manage mental health … Read more

HHS chief reflects on pandemic fight as he leaves office

Up close: HHS chief reflects on pandemic response as he leaves office Updated: 1:55 PM EST December 18, 2022 Hide transcript Show transcript ADAM: BACK TO CLOSEUP. IT’S RARE FOR A NEW HAMPSHIRE HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES COMMISSIONER TO LEAVE BEFORE THE END OF THEIR FIRST FULL TERM, BUT COMMISSIONER LORI SHIBINET EXISTS IN UNIQUE … Read more

Over 50s are embracing technology, security risks are the biggest challenge

Over 50s are embracing technology to do their banking and shopping. Photo / 123rf The Covid-19 pandemic has led to older people embracing more technology, but they say safety and security concerns remain the biggest challenge. A survey of New Zealanders aged 50 and over by insurer Seniors International found that nine in 10 use … Read more