Fanatics’ Upstart Sports-Hambling Division Hiring Director of Marketing

Fanatics’ Upstart Sports-Hambling Division Hiring Director of Marketing

Sporting goods retailer Fanatics Inc. hired Jason White as chief marketing officer of Fanatics Betting and Gaming, its nascent online sports gambling division. Fanatics, which is controlled by e-commerce entrepreneur Michael Rubin, has established itself as a seller of sports memorabilia, digital collectibles and trading cards in recent years. The company, which has agreements with … Read more

Crypto can support capital markets, BoE’s Cunliffe says

The technology that underpins crypto could help strengthen traditional capital markets, according to the Bank of England. “The bigger impact on the financial system could come from the transfer of technologies developed in the crypto world to the ‘real’ world,” Deputy Governor Sir John Cunliffe told a Financial Markets Association in Europe conference on September … Read more

Health experts alarmed by President Biden’s view that pandemic is over: ‘Hell no – not even close’

Health experts reacted with dismay Monday to President Joe Biden’s claim that the pandemic is over in an interview with “60 Minutes” that aired Sunday. “We still have a problem with COVID. We are still working on it a lot. … But the pandemic is over,” Biden told CBS News correspondent Scott Pelley. “If you … Read more

Should your small business get a loan to cover the rising costs of inflation? This may help you decide.

Small business owners have spent years trying to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and now inflation has thrown a wrench in the recovery’s progress. Four in five businesses report that rising prices have had a significant impact on their operations, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Index for the … Read more

Almost everyone fails the investment literacy test

Are you ready for today’s retirement investing pop quiz? Which of the major asset classes is most correlated with inflation, performing better when inflation is higher and worse when it is lower? I bet you answered gold or maybe commodities in general. And you are not wrong, undefined you focus on the correlation of short-term … Read more

I am 62, single and have never had a retirement account. I have $100,000 to invest, but is it too late?

I am a 62 year old single male and have never had a retirement account. I own both my home and a rental property that are paid off and have no other liabilities. I have $100,000 in savings that I would like to invest for retirement. At my current job I save $10,000 a month … Read more

This investment strategy acts on 18 trends to reduce your risk when the stock market is volatile

Managed futures strategies can be useful for investors during times of economic uncertainty. The strategies seek to take advantage of price trends – up or down – and produce positive returns that offset declines elsewhere. Having some money dedicated to a managed futures strategy can reduce overall portfolio risk and potentially prevent an investor from … Read more

Planning a big trip for the holidays? How to make sense of travel insurance.

After years of waiting and delaying, many retirees plan to travel for the holidays and winter months. Booking in advance can be a good way to secure lower prices, but how can you protect your travel investment? Travel insurance is part of the answer and there are different ways to book travel which can mean … Read more

Future Returns: A revenue-driven strategy to promote diverse businesses

Entrepreneurs who build businesses in smaller cities and in low-income communities often lack the personal credit profile or assets to access the capital they need from banks and investment firms to grow their companies. Revenue-based financing — where investors provide capital in exchange for a percentage of revenue — has become a solution recommended by … Read more

IAC is down as business slows at Angi and ad sales decline

IAC said its second-quarter financial results showed pressure on several key parts of the business. Leungphotography/Dreamstime Text size IAC shares were left out of a broader market rally on Wednesday after the internet and media holding company posted second-quarter financial results that showed pressure on several key parts of its business. In particular, IAC provided … Read more