Small businesses say inflation is cutting into profits: New survey

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably had a tumultuous past few years. For businesses that experienced the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic shutdown and supply chain issues, the economic recovery has brought back customers willing to spend. But recently, business owners have had to contend with record inflation, which is driving up the … Read more

The millennial business owner says that every entrepreneur should get away with just that

For young people, entrepreneurship is the new 9-to-5, with 60% of teenagers saying they want to start their own business instead of working a traditional job. However, with the uncertainty facing business owners over the past two years, it may be helpful for Gen Z to learn from professionals who have thrived during — and … Read more

Turn your side hustle into a profitable business with these strategies

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur collaborators are their own. A little over a decade ago, I was a recent immigrant and a woman who knew little English and even less about entrepreneurship. And if you had asked me, “Can you start a side job and end up as the CEO of a corporation in ten years?” … Read more

This millennial couple’s vegan ice cream business brings in 6 figures a month

When Ishpal and Serina Bajaj approached a mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to open a vegan ice cream shop, they were met with disapproval. “They pretty much laughed it off like no one would eat plant-based ice cream,” Ishpal said. “I think the whole perception was plant-based [desserts] were sorbets and fruit-based.” But the couple … Read more

“I only work 3.5 days a week”

In 2017, after I graduated from college, I started working as an engineer in an oil company. I was 23 and making $98,500 a year. At first I thought I had my dream job. But after seeing senior executives working 60-hour weeks with routine travel, I realized that wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted. My father … Read more

“4 Businesses You Can Start for $99 or Less”

In 2014, I graduated college with a tidal wave of medical school rejections. In search of a new career plan, I spent the next few years making money any way I could—modeling, tutoring, and even working as a real estate agent. But in 2018, I started posting personal finance videos on YouTube. It wasn’t a … Read more

Reality TV show helps Colorado Springs entrepreneur grow business | Content for subscribers only

The glow of Felipe Velasquez’s phone reflected off his face as he scrolled through Facebook. He wasn’t looking for anything in particular until an ad caught his eye. Click. And he went down the rabbit hole. Velasquez, owner of Felipe’s 109, a Colorado Springs restaurant known for its taco burgers, followed up with an ad … Read more

The worst investment on “Shark Tank” ever was the Breathometer

For more than a decade on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” billionaire Mark Cuban has seen his share of good investments — and bad ones. Last week, Cuban said on the “Full Send” podcast that after investing nearly $20 million in 85 startups on “Shark Tank,” he took a net loss on all those deals combined. “I … Read more

Make it your business to see stress as strengthening

By: Pete Reinwald | Published: July 19, 2022 Newswise — You own a small business and find yourself stressed about staffing, payroll, supply chains, the economy and the latest strain of COVID-19, among other things. Of course, you are overwhelmed and find the stress exhausting. You’re probably doing it wrong, says Samantha Paustian-Underdahl. Paustian-Underdahl, an … Read more