FELDMAN’S COLUMN: Will the General Assembly act on health recommendations? | Opinion

In August 2021, Governor Eric Holcomb created the Governor’s Commission on Public Health. The Commission’s mandate was to analyze and advise state government on the current state of Indiana’s public health system, including its performance during the COVID crisis. The commission was also to identify ways, including legislative recommendations, to improve public health financing, public … Read more

The state says the feds have opened an investigation into Freeman Health System | News

The federal government, not state political leaders, launched an investigation into care provided by Freeman Health System in Joplin after a woman was denied an emergency abortion, a spokesman for the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services said Monday. On Aug. 2, Mylissa Farmer came to Freeman Health’s emergency room after her water broke … Read more

Contact your health department for a vaccine if you have been exposed to monkeypox

LANSING, Michigan – If you have been exposed to monkeypox or suspect you have been exposed, you should contact your local health department for vaccination. It has been since Thursday 27 confirmed or suspected cases of monkeypox in the state. As part of your answer, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services issued a vaccine … Read more

Gloucester Health Department Sees Staffing Changes | News

The Gloucester Health Department is undergoing some staffing changes with the retirement of Public Health Director Max Schenk and the hiring of a new Public Health Nurse Practitioner, Kathleen Cunningham. Schenck, 57, who grew up in Gloucester from the age of 6 and graduated from Gloucester High School in 1983, is retiring at the end … Read more

Editorial: COVID, contractors and the future of public health | Editing

IN A SURPRISE MOVE this week, the Rappahannock Health District announced that dozens of contractors hired to deal with COVID are being terminated. This sudden change of course should focus our community’s attention on two important issues. Can we manage the pandemic with fewer people to lead us? And why are our local health departments … Read more

The former councilor of St. Joseph Co. is concerned about the Department of Health’s statement on abortion

ST. JOSEPH CANTY, Ind. (WNDU) – Today brought criticism that leaders of the St. Joseph County Health Department have overstepped their authority by becoming abortion advocates. In a written statement released last week, health officials declared that “women, their partners and families, and medical professionals must maintain the authority to make judgments about the need … Read more

There is an increase in COVID-19 cases in Marion County

Ocala, Florida – The number of newly reported cases of COVID-19 in Marion County has increased compared to the previous reporting period. The state’s latest summary of COVID-19, released Friday, shows the following key points for Marion County from May 27 to June 2: New cases: 662. This is more than 413 cases recorded in … Read more