Shopping for healthcare online? Why health systems should care about commodities

Just as Americans shop online for the holidays, patients should be able to have the same convenience in finding the care they need. Consumers today are experts in online shopping. Whether you’re buying clothes, electronics, furniture, or just about anything else, online stores let you sort items and apply filters to find the exact products … Read more

Social determinants of health data collection need improvement

Data collection on the social determinants of health presents a number of challenges and needs to be improved to create learning health systems. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the inadequate data infrastructure of the United States exposed the most socially marginalized and vulnerable populations, showing the true extent of existing structural disparities in health care. These … Read more

Hospitals screen for social determinants of health, but programs, community partnerships lag behind

The study examines hospital strategies for social needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitals are integrating screenings to assess patients’ social determinants of health (SDOH), but programs and community partnerships to address SDOH have been slower to develop. The pandemic has sparked public interest in meeting social needs, and health systems have made significant investments to … Read more

Research highlights the impact of social determinants of health on hypertension control

A research paper published this month in Mayo Clinic Reports highlights the significant impact of social determinants of health on patients’ ability to maintain hypertension control. This large clinical trial conducted at Ochsner Health demonstrates the need for health systems and society to improve practices and better identify, measure and address significant health barriers. The … Read more