Bills on pig-stealing, rural mental health funding advance in House on Friday

Utah lawmakers on Friday approved funding for two additional mental health crisis response teams for Cache County and the Uintah Basin. (Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News) Approximate reading time: 3-4 minutes SALT LAKE CITY — House lawmakers wrapped up the second week of the current legislative session by approving funding for mental health crisis shelters … Read more

Gen Z has new “retro” technology to obsess over

Camila Cabello with her flip phone. “I’m the flip phone revolution team,” singer Camila Cabello tweeted Thursday, posing with a vintage TCL flip phone. “Maybe I can write the theme song.” (Camila Cabello via Twitter) Approximate reading time: 7-8 minutes ATLANTA – First, it was disposable cameras. Back then, it was low-waisted jeans. Now, Gen-Z’s … Read more

Sitting too much is bad for your health, but offsetting the effects is easy, a study shows

The scientific community has known for decades that sitting can increase the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. New research says reducing risk is easy. (Mac Duong Vu, Alamy) Approximate reading time: 5-6 minutes ATLANTA — Sure, you’ve heard about the dangers of sitting all day, but with most … Read more

A Portrait of America’s Prison Arts Programs

One of photographer Peter Mertz’s subjects with an acrylic painting of Pope Francis in 2016. The man was released from prison three years later and now owns a property where he builds micro-homes for homeless people and those who have been released from prison. (Peter Mertz) Approximate reading time: 5-6 minutes CHINO, Calif. — In … Read more

The Church of Jesus Christ announces $10 million donation for women’s and children’s health

UNICEF’s Carla Haddad Mardini, left, speaks with Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Sharon Eubank, center, the church’s director of humanitarian services, during a meeting at the Interfaith G20 forum in Bologna, Italy, in September 2021. The church announced a … Read more

Department of Health and Human Services. to take over oversight of health care in Utah prisons

A maximum security men’s security unit at the new Utah State Prison in Salt Lake City is pictured Oct. 21. The Utah Department of Corrections announced Friday that the state Department of Health and Human Services will take over health services in the Utah Prison System beginning in July 2023. (Christine Murphy, Deseret News) Estimated … Read more

New exhibition of art from incarcerated teens, underrepresented communities

“The Universal Human” is one of the artworks created by incarcerated youth across Utah that will be on display starting Dec. 6 as part of the Dissolving Controversies exhibit at the downtown Salt Lake City Main Library. (Molly Hosmer-Dillard) Estimated reading time: 4-5 minutes SALT LAKE CITY — One painting depicts a sunflower growing in … Read more

How these organizations are bringing art and technology together to benefit Salt Lake City

Sonali Lumba, owner of Kaladharaa Dance and Indian classical dancer, left, Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall and Srilata Singh, owner of Chitrakaavya Dance and Indian classical dancer and teacher, speak after a panel discussion on the future of art and technology Thursday. (Christine Murphy, Deseret News) Approximate reading time: 3-4 minutes SALT LAKE CITY … Read more

Utah mental health experts look at when to seek help, treatments for depression

Experts from the Huntsman Institute of Mental Health discussed when to seek help for depression Wednesday and what options are available. (Steve Griffin, Deseret News) Estimated reading time: 4-5 minutes SALT LAKE CITY — More than a third of Americans suffer from depression, and while Utah’s rate is similar to the rest of the country, … Read more

New AI technology at 4 rural Utah hospitals will help doctors see polyps during colonoscopies

Image of a GI Genius unit. On Wednesday, Intermountain Healthcare announced the placement of these artificial intelligence devices in four of its rural Utah hospitals to help doctors identify colon cancer earlier. (Intermountain Healthcare) Estimated reading time: 2-3 minutes CEDAR CITY — Intermountain Healthcare will soon use artificial intelligence tools to improve colonoscopies and better … Read more