The Covid-19 public health emergency has been extended in the US

CNN — The Biden administration on Friday extended the Covid-19 public health emergency for another three months. US Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra officially renewed the declaration, extending it until October 13, 2022. The emergency declaration has been in effect since January 2020, and the latest renewal comes as the Omicron BA.5 … Read more

Cigarette smoking, insurance coverage appear to be associated in those with mental health, substance use disorders

Policy reforms that expand insurance coverage may play a supportive role in discouraging smoking among adults living with mental and/or substance use disorders. Despite the overall decline in US smoking over the past 50 years, people with mental health and substance use disorders (MH/SUD) have shown less reduction in smoking than people without MH/SUD. A … Read more

Working full-time doesn’t always make it easy to get workplace health insurance

CNN — Millions of Americans have signed up for health insurance with their companies in recent weeks. But for some full-time workers, especially in certain industries like construction, work-based coverage is not an option for them. This divide was even more evident as the labor market bounced back to life in 2021 after sharp losses … Read more

Health Insurance Mysteries Explained | CNN

Editor’s note: Subscribe to the Stress But Less CNN newsletter. Our six-part guide to mindfulness will inform and inspire you to reduce stress while learning how to manage it. CNN — Whether you’re about to be kicked off your parent’s health insurance plan or have been openly enrolled for years, navigating health insurance jargon can … Read more

Shopping can save money on federal employee health plans

The sticker shock of this year’s health insurance premiums for federal employees probably hasn’t worn off yet. State workers and retirees should expect to pay an average of 8.7 percent more for insurance in 2023, the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program said last month. Depending on your specific plan, you could pay even more, according … Read more

First they get a long COVID, then they lose their health care

October 13, 2022 – It’s been a devastating series of setbacks for patients with prolonged COVID. First, they get the debilitating symptoms of their condition. They are then forced to quit their jobs or severely reduce their working hours as their symptoms persist. And then, for many, they lose their employer-sponsored health insurance. Although not … Read more

Americans have largely avoided health care inflation until now — but that’s about to change

new York CNN Business — Although Americans are paying a lot more at the pump and at the supermarket this year, they have largely been spared the price spikes for their health insurance and doctor visits. But that’s about to change. Most workers can expect premiums and out-of-pocket costs to increase at a faster rate … Read more

Fixing the health insurance “problem” expands more affordable coverage for families

The Biden administration announced a regulatory fix Tuesday that will make health insurance more affordable for many people with expensive job-based coverage. The final rule issued by the Treasury Department addresses the “family problem,” which for years has made financial assistance from the Affordable Care Act’s marketplace unavailable to many people who need it because … Read more

3 steps to prepare your business for bushfire season

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur collaborators are their own. When the Nuns Fire ripped through Sonoma County in 2017, staff at Audubon Canyon Ranch’s Bouverie Preserve had only minutes to evacuate. The fire, which eventually burned more than 56,000 acres, destroyed seven buildings on the 565-acre site from which the nonprofit conducts research and education. Although … Read more

How a government income security scheme can create a two-tiered welfare system

Finance Minister Grant Robertson has faced criticism over a proposed income insurance scheme. Photo / Mark Mitchell The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) has “deep concerns” about the government’s proposal to set up an income support scheme. The charity claims it would be fairer and more efficient for the existing welfare system be strengthened in … Read more