The DOJ is filing a second antitrust case against Google, trying to crack down on its ad business

The US Department of Justice on Tuesday filed its second antitrust case against Google in just over two years. It’s the latest sign that the U.S. government isn’t giving up on lawsuits against tech firms, even in light of its mixed antitrust court record. Google shares were down 1.3% on Tuesday afternoon. This lawsuit, which … Read more

How digital dual technology can be used in the insurance industry

How digital dual technology can be used in the insurance industry Digital Twin technology has been around for decades. The concept is believed to have originated with NASA when simulations were conducted for the return of the Apollo 13 astronauts. Gartner defines a digital twin as a digital representation of a real-world object or system. … Read more

Huawei has reached a technology licensing agreement with Nokia despite US restrictions

HONG KONG—Huawei Technologies Co. and Nokia corp. ENOUGH 0.65% reached an agreement to continue to license each other’s smartphones and network technology, reflecting the challenges of separating the Chinese company’s technology from global networks despite years of US sanctions. The patent licensing agreement announced Friday between the two companies extends a five-year technology-sharing agreement that … Read more

Mobile science labs to enhance learning

Thirteen secondary schools in Beitbridge received mobile science labs and 100 bicycles from the government and its partners. The district has 19 registered secondary schools and before the latest development only five had science laboratories. The bikes are designed to address the challenges of students dropping out of school due to the long distance they … Read more

Tech firms and startup investing continue to grow strongly despite market turmoil

Despite global market turmoil in the first half of 2022, investor demand for tech startups shows no signs of abating. In the first half of 2022, USD 133 billion in venture capital funding was raised globally. Considering that the total amount raised in 2021 was US$209 billion, a record high since 2000, 2022 looks set … Read more

Why PySyft is the hero open source technology the world needs

Data is the most valuable resource we have today when it comes to solving our biggest challenges. With the right data, and enough of it, there’s no limit to the compelling use cases we can create. Imagine a world where we could stop financial crimes like money laundering, help reduce the number of deaths due … Read more

How technology and data can be used to drive marketer performance

The volume and efficiency of cross-border payments have increased significantly over the past decade. Statista data shows that in 2018, cross-border payments worth US$124 trillion were made. In 2022, this has risen to $150.7 trillion. Based on this transaction data, it is predicted that the volume of cross-border payments will continue to grow each year. … Read more