Comment: Technology has always been the enemy of paper | Columnists

TWENTY YEARS AGO one of my editors lamented, “I just hope the print paper lasts until I retire.” The print newspaper still exists, but its days are numbered as more and more people get their news online. The time is quickly coming when you will have to put your computer or cell phone on the … Read more

Felt Experience offers touchable sculptures at Brattleboro Museum & Art Center | Visual Art | Seven days

click to enlarge Pamela Polston ©️ Seven days Tapestries and chairs by Liam Lee In a departure from the typical rules of inaction, the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center invites visitors to touch art—that is, one installation in a group exhibition titled “Felt Experience.” And, yes, it refers to sculptures made of felt. Artist Stephanie … Read more

Art stolen from Montpellier church exhibit | News | Seven days

click to enlarge Bernadette Hood Foster’s Covered Bridge Thieves broke into a Montpelier church and stole thousands of dollars worth of art late last month, officials say. Seven mostly abstract works by local artists were pulled from a chapel exhibit at Bethany United Church of Christ, according to Linda Hogan, president of the Art Resource … Read more

CTech Book Review: Finding Your WHY in Business and in Life

Ella Vidra is VP of IT Ops and Engineering at Playtika, a mobile gaming company. She joined CTech to share a review of Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek Title: “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action” Author: Simon Sinek format: A book … Read more

Feds to grant millions for small business investment in Vermont | News | Seven days

click to enlarge Courtesy of Vernal Biosciences Worker at Colchester startup Vernal Biosciences The Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies in Burlington and the Center for Rural Innovation in Hartland will receive an infusion of federal pandemic relief money to help entrepreneurs take action on their business ideas. The money is part of nearly $58 million … Read more

More than rocket science: Space Plasmatics aims to power green rockets in space

More and more satellites are filling the night sky, from the constellation StarLink, which provides broadband access to SpaceX, to various Earth observation satellite satellites launched to help monitor climate change and vegetation. “There have never been so many objects sent into space. This is a huge paradigm shift, “said Space Plasmatics co-founder, technical director … Read more

The dark side of the economic crisis among technology companies

Over the past decade, several articles have been written focusing on the rise of Israeli startups and entrepreneurs who have succeeded in bringing their company to Unicorn status. On the contrary, during the recession and in the economic courts, the dark side of start-ups is rarely revealed and is far from reaching newspaper articles. During … Read more